A former housing officer from Northfield has been jailed for the rape of a tenant who had sought his help when she faced rent arrears.

47 year old Clive Glasford, of Pamela Road, Northfield, was tried at Birmingham Crown Court this month, accused of rape against a 27-year-old woman at her Northfield home in November 2013.

The young mother had attended her local housing office for advice when she found herself facing financial difficulties and the threat of eviction by her landlord.

Glasford later visited the tenant's home and phoned her, although she had never given him her number.

A month later, on 12 December 2013, Glasford visited the woman again, unannounced, after an evening drinking at a local pub.

Some time later the woman woke to find Glasford assaulting her while she slept, with her son sleeping alongside her.

DC Vicky Kelleher, from Birmingham Public Protection Unit, led the police inquiry. She said: “This was a shocking abuse of position, where he used information about a vulnerable tenant to carry out a horrific attack.

“What started as a suggestion that maybe he might be able to help the woman if she offered sexual favours, which she declined, then turned sinister when he forced himself upon her in her own home.

“To then have the nerve to attack the woman again, whilst her son slept beside her, is shocking and distressing in equal measure.

“We can only hope that seeing Glasford convicted of his heinous crimes today, and facing a lengthy spell in prison, will offer some comfort to his victim.”



  1. So basically you are saying that as well as attacking young women, he also silences critics by way of threats from the ‘wrong people’?

  2. Probably best everyone keep trap shut .after all there’s only 2 people know the truth …no one will ever know .so wasting time and breath talking about it

  3. Just replying to a comment made earlier saying that there are only 2 people that know what happened that night, after the reading the article Potentially there could be 3

  4. I don’t know the details of this case, but every one know, the police and the judicial system are racist, so whether he did or didn’t do it, he was going to be found guilty. I hope he has learnt a lesson about that at least and count his blessings he is not an African American, cause he would have been on death row


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