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Birmingham City Council cabinet is set to approve new service standards outlining how they will deliver “the things that matter to people.”

With an emphasis on public facing services,  The Birmingham Promise will be externally assessed to make sure it is easy to understand and subject to annual public consultation to ensure it is effective.

Benefits, waste and recycling, housing repairs, parks, highways, school admissions and the blue badge service are all covered by the first version of the Birmingham Promise.

Cllr Ian Ward, Deputy Leader of Birmingham City Council, said: “We deliver a wide range of services to citizens in Birmingham and improving their experience when accessing them is important. It’s not just about how quickly we answer a phone or how we talk to our customers. It is about how soon we actually resolve an enquiry or request.

“Advances in technology and the unprecedented central government budget cuts for the council mean the way we deliver services may change, but our commitment to perform as well as possible and meet a clear set of service delivery standards will drive what we do in future.”

The Birmingham Promise, set for approval by Cabinet, in detail:


  1. This would be fine if the City would stop the annoying practise of a) categorising all telephone complaints as ‘Comments’ unless the caller knows to insist that it is a Complaint. b) Automatically closing complaints about refuse collection after a week a marking them as ‘Satisfied’ when there is no option to mark them as anything else, they don’t check if the complaint has actually been resolved and there is no way to reopen a complaint once the system marks it as closed. I don’t expect any of these matters to be addressed as the immediate impact would be 1) an increase in the figures for complaints received 2) a decrease in the numbers of complaints recorded as resolved and 3) an increase in the recorded level of service dissatisfaction.
    I should point out that none of the above relates to funding, all relates to deliberate decisions made by the Council some years ago, to minimise the statistics on where they don’t do the job properly

  2. Since you bring up the subject of finance in your promise, how about promising to stop wasting millions on dustbins or poorly thought out road changes.
    Stop blaming everyone else for your financial mismanagement.


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