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Many of us have fond memories of school trips and when we look back on our school days it is often the trips and extra-curricular experiences that we remember most. On school trips you get to really know your friends, you get to really trust your teachers and you learn all sort of things that cannot so easily be learned in a classroom. However, in this modern world of paperwork, risk assessments and no win-no-fee claims, it is perhaps unsurprising that schools are less and less willing to offer the breadth of school trips that we remember from our own childhoods.

Students are fortunate at Turves Green Girls’ School to have so many staff members who understand how important trips are, and the school empowers them to organise trips and events. An audit for 2014 revealed that sixty eight separate trips took place at TGGS! Everything from a Y8 residential to France and Year 11 kayaking in the Brecon Beacons, through to visits to theatres, museums, art galleries and sporting events. According to Carl Smith, Educational Visits Coordinator, “The key to successful trips is careful planning to ensure trips offer best value for money and keep it affordable for families. Trips shouldn’t be just for some of our students – everyone should have these opportunities. If children don’t get to see what the world has to offer, how can we teach them to have high aspirations for the future?”

The Endeavour Cooperative Education Trust, of which Turves Green Girls’ School is a member, would like to thank the staff at the school on behalf of all stakeholders for these considerable efforts.

By Mr Neil Jones, Deputy Head, Turves Green Girls’ School


  1. my daughter goes to turves green girls school and loves going on the trips i think she gets more out of them than sitting in a class room every day keep up the good work


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