A new adult football team in Longbridge is seeking players, coaches and board members.

The newly formed Longbridge Town FC is hoping to enter either the West Midlands Regional League or The Midlands Football League, playing on Saturday afternoons.

The club require all positions and will be looking for all management and board members too.


Please email J McCarthy with:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Previous Clubs
  • Current Club
  • Position


Please email J McCarthy with what role you are interested in applying for, why you would be suitable for the role you are looking to fulfil and what roles you have previously covered (if any).


Please email J McCarthy the role you are applying for, why you would be suitable for the role and any previous experience you have had.

Please email J McCarthy with any other queries


  1. Hello, sorry for such a long reply! We don’t need any coaching badges to proceed with us, please get your dad to email me. It will be a much quicker response, once again, I apologise for the long wait.

    Thank you!

  2. I am looking to play for the club and make the club sucessful. I do play for Malvern Vale but dont play often as distance is quite far and didnt really get chosen much after working hard in training. I can play midfield or CAM or Striker im flexiable i like to get involved in the game get the ball make possession.


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