The Meadows Primary School has been partially closed this week due to heating problems.

Here’s today’s update from the school:

The Meadows Primary School will be partially opened on Thursday 26th February and Friday 27th February.

Pupils in Year 6, Year 5, Reception and our SLCN Resource Base will be able to attend school on Thursday and Friday.

To ensure our youngest pupils remain warm while eating at lunchtime, our reception pupils will receive a packed lunch at lunchtime on Thursday and Friday, which they will eat within their classrooms. Pupils in Year 6, Year 5 and the SLCN Resource Base will have their usual meal provision. 

We are continuing to work closely with the Local Authority to increase the capacity of the heating. The Local Authority will be installing a generator to increase the capacity to run convection heaters in every classroom. This will include working continually on this issue over the weekend. 

We will update parents on Friday, as to whether we can increase the heating capacity further. However, it is highly likely that we will only be able to maintain partial opening at the start of next week.

To remain up to date, please ensure the school have a correct mobile contact number to send Groupcall texts or visit the school website 


  1. This is getting beyond a joke now. The whole build process has been a shambles. There had already been 2 intake years before the building work actually began and the school closed early last summer to start work only for nothing to happen until Autumn.

    Lesson for BCC – to increase school places you need to commit to building new schools not cram more kids into the already dilapidated schools we have.

    …and when the longbridge housing development finishes with all the extra housing I would be very surprised if an extra class per year at the meadows is really going to meet the demand


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