Plans for a new school building will be unveiled on Wednesday 25th February at ARK Kings Academy in Kings Norton.  The new building is part of the Government funded Midlands Priority Schools Building Programme and work will begin this summer.

The new building will open in early 2017 providing a modern and inspiring learning environment for 800 pupils.  Included in the building will be a 3 court sports hall and dance studio with community access, climate controlled classrooms which maximise the use of natural light, outdoor amphitheatre and dining area, state of the art facilities for teaching technology subjects and cycle racks and shower facilities for staff.

A Joint Venture comprising Carillion and Equitix will finance, design, build and provide hard facilities management for the eight schools that comprise the Midlands Private Finance Batch under the Priority Schools Building Programme.

In 2014 ARK Kings Academy achieved record GCSE results and is on track to continue to build on this progress and rapidly raise attainment.  Work on the new building will start in summer 2015 and open in early 2017.

Plans will be unveiled at a public consultation event on Wednesday 25th February, 4 – 7pm, at ARK Kings Academy.


  1. Good news that the academies started under Labour are successful and continuing to be driven forward under this government. I know the unions and some of the Labour higher-ups were not keen….but they have worked well I think.


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