Yesterday (Tuesday 3 February), primary school ‘mathletes’ came to ARK Kings Academy in Kings Norton to compete in a fast and furious mathematics challenge event to determine which primary school was the best.

Bringing together pupils to raise standards

The competition was organised by teachers from ARK Kings Academy’s mathematics department as a way of encouraging pupils to develop their maths skills. The event gave pupils something extra to aim for when practising their maths exercises at school while the fun of competing with other pupils on the day will encourage pupils to push themselves to keep on improving.

Teams from Five local primary schools took part in the event. These were ARK Rose, Kings Norton, Four Oaks Primary School, St Jude’s and Allens Croft Primary School. There was also strong interest from other local schools, who hope to compete in future challenge events.

Friendly but serious competition

Teams competed over four rounds to determine who would be the winner. The first round took the form of the tv programme Countdown number challenge, with pupils having to reach a target number by using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

For the second round, each team was split in two for a mini-relay. One team had to answer a maths question on anything from times tables to geometry. They then gave their answer to a judge, who in turn gave them a question to pass on to the second half of their team.

Round three was all about speed, with each team tasked with answering 60 questions on timetables in less than three minutes. Amazingly, one pupil from Kings Norton Primary managed to answer all their questions correctly in less than 60 seconds!

The fourth and final round was a ‘winner stays on’ on head-to-head. Pupils wore boxing gloves to reflect the intense competition between teams. For this round, pupils had to answer ‘follow me’ questions, working out a final number by completing a sequence of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Points win prizes

First prize went to St Jude’s Primary School, with the team from Kings Norton Primary following closely behind. Each pupils also received a medal and certificate for taking part and giving it their all.

Speaking after the competition, Kimaria from St Jude’s RC Primary School said “it feels awesome to have won”. Her teammate, Uziar, acknowledged he was nervous before entering the competition but said “we worked as a team. I would people take part in maths competitions and just give it a go.”

ARK Kings Academy’s Head of Mathematics, Miss Rajania, said:

“It is fantastic to be able to bring together pupils from local primary schools for our mathematics challenge. The standard of mathematics on display was very high and every pupil should be proud of themselves. At ARK Kings Academy we believe competitions such as today’s mathematics challenge are a great way to get pupils enthusiastic about learning and I look forward to seeing how today’s ‘mathletes’ grow and develop in the years to come.”

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