Northwood and Alvechurch Patient Participation Groups (PPGS)


Are you a patient at either of these Surgeries who would be interested in joining our Group ?

All GP practices are now required to have a PPG in order to represent the views of their patients and to promote effective communication with them.

This is YOUR opportunity to have a voice in the development of your GP practice.

As a patient, you can simply join the group and agree to be contacted periodically about your experience with your surgery, ie Northwood or Alvechurch, or become a member of our monthly working group.  We are currently trying in particular to increase the numbers from Northwood and hoping that  some patients from either surgery in the younger age group might apply .

But everyone is welcome !.


You can join by 1) Asking for an application form at one of the surgeries.

2) Using the practice website to download an application form.


Once you have joined if you use Facebook, we also have a forum where you can share up to date information and discuss the health issues of the day.


we have an email  address for enquiries :


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