Thanks to the persistence of residents and local councillors, city council highways contractors, Amey PLC, are set to work on a set of Northfield traffic lights which have been causing major hold ups for at least a couple of weeks.

Residents have been complaining of bad timings on the lights at the junction of Tessall Lane and Bristol Road South for some time, with queues as far back as Longbridge Lane, even at quieter times.

Last week Amey told Cllr Ian Cruise that there was no issue and that timings on the lights were fine. CllrCruise strongly disagreed. This prompted a deluge of online reports of the issue to Birmingham City Council from our readers over New Year week and Cllr Cartwright contacted Amey to ensure they would visit today.

However, as anticipated, when many returned to school and work this morning, traffic jams tailed back at least a mile with one reader saying it had taken her 30 minutes to drive from Longbridge McDonalds to the island at Longbridge.

And this morning Amey revisited the site and identified a fault, saying: “A fault which affects vehicle detection was identified and parts ordered from the manufacturer to carry out repairs, which are expected to be completed today (Monday 5th January). Our priority is the safety of road users therefore these signals were temporarily operating on a fixed-time sequence while the fault was investigated and repairs were carried out. We apologise for any disruption caused.”

Cllr Ian Cruise said: “For months now people have had to endure unnecessary tailbacks due to the poor sequencing of the signals. I have reported the issue to Amey on three separate occasions, only to be told the sequencing was ok and Amey would be monitoring the situation. This morning, I contacted Amey again stating their response & lack of action was not good enough. I also asked the BCC Highways Engineer for Northfield District to contact Amey. Now Amey have finally acknowledged there is a fault due to cable degradation, 3 months after my initial complaint and complaints of the many commuters who’ve had to endure increases in journey time of up to 30 minutes.
I struggle to understand why Amey could not have identified the fault with the signals on the first occasion I contacted them, instead of fobbing me off with the bog standard response. I only hope for the sake of commuters who use this busy arterial route, Amey do a good job of any repair”

Cllr Andy Cartwright said: “Well done to all. [This] just shows what can happen when we all pull together. Also thank you to Amey for listening to elected members and the Longbridge residents and thanks to B31 Voices.”



  1. so from
    ” no issue and that timings on the lights were fine.”
    “Our engineers have been to site and identified there is a power issue affecting the detection”

    just hope the person responsible for the first inspection or lack of, gets some training,as this area has had to put up with the repercussions all over the holiday period because of Amey’s incompetence.

  2. Let’s hope this does the job then. I only work 4 miles from where I live and sometimes it can take me 30 minutes plus to get to work, what with the volume of traffic down Longbridge Lane plus the tailbacks from Tessall Lane back to the Longbridge Lane junction. It has been a nightmare.

  3. Look, my share investments won’t pay out well if problems like this are dealt with promptly, let alone “pro-actively” or anything ghastly like that. Private contractors cannot be allowed to afford to fulfill the promises sales’ departments (or whoever) imply to councils, where’s the money if they do? Might as well let the reds run things again if money is going to be sprayed about, but hard working men with an investment portfolio to worry about can’t get at it.

    Good on the business for what looks like avoiding those costly overtime payments when this fault coincided with xmas/new year, choosing instead the non-expense of wasting people’s time.

  4. I’m sure there must be a hidden plan to bring all traffic to a halt in Birmingham. The Northfield and Selly Oak “relief” roads are a joke, the junction between Bell Lane and the A38 has been dug up more times than I can remember and no one at the council seems to be accountable for anything that happens on the highways anymore, the above being a classic example. I don’t pay my council tax to Amey so I don’t expect to be fobbed off by them on behalf of our elected counci!

  5. how about sorting out the traffic lights by the black horse….the ones that decide to stay on for about 5 seconds……bloody joke…

    amey waste of space and bham city council….no wonder its going down the pan….!!!!

  6. So BCC thinks its OK to fob off the public because they can’t get a grip of their contractors.
    So BCC can spend thousands on making a complete cock up of Stirchley but can’t get the lights in Northfield and Longbridge sorted out.

  7. Our esteemed leader and chairmain Sir Bertie Ball has our best interests at heart. He doesn’t want us to hurt ourselves or arrive on time by rushing around on major roads instead he would rather we all went onto housing estates and complied with the new 20mph zones. Cant you people see his wonderful plan? He wants us all to go on the bus with the single mums pushchairs and reefer smokers. so much better for us all.
    Long live chairman Bore. and the new green and static city of Birmingham.
    did sir bertie have a new car last year…shurely not!!


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