On Wednesday (28 January), year 9 students from ARK Kings Academy in Kings Norton used their French language skills to solve a murder mystery activity at the Lingua centre at Hillcrest School.

Students arrived at the modern foreign languages centre only to find, in the words of fictional TV Detective Taggart, “there’s been a murder” and it was up to them to figure out who did it.

Working in groups, students visited various locations to look for clues to help them solve the mystery. Jordan in year 9 said: “We were the detective group and we looked at the crime scene and carried out interviews with the suspects before deciding who we thought had killed the person.”

Lydia picks up the story, explaining: “we had to read materials in French to find clues. We then wrote questions in French and then asked them out loud to find out what people knew.”

The trip to the Lingua centre was a real hit with students. For Lydia, the appeal of the day came from being able to immerse yourself in a foreign language: “It was fun and a bit unusual because we needed to talk French all day.”

The Lingua centre trip forms part of ARK Kings Academy’s commitment to enrichment.  Enrichment is aimed at adding an extra layer of value to the school experience for all students by providing opportunities to develop communication, team work, creative, problem solving  and sporting skills amongst others. You can find out more about our enrichment programme by clicking here.

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