BT Openreach have today confirmed that they are still working on a repair, after a number of homes and businesses in one area of Kings Norton lost telephone and Internet services. A number of customers in and around Shannon Road have been affected.

A week since the fault occurred on Friday 28th November, a spokeswoman said that although around 150 customers had been reconnected, it may be a few more days before all homes and businesses get their services back up and running.

BT Openreach provides the network which all communication providers in the area use, so not only BT customers are affected.

A third party accidentally caused the damage and engineers have had to replace around 350 metres of cabling. They are now in the process of reconnecting customers one by one, which may take another few days.

The spokeswoman said: “It is extremely regrettable when Openreach suffers any kind of accidental damage to its network. Our priority is always to restore services to those affected as quickly as possible, which is what engineers are doing in this case.

“In the meantime, Openreach recommends that anyone affected contacts their service provider (the company they pay their bill to) to see if incoming calls on their faulty line can be diverted to an alternative number, such as a mobile, while the repairs are going on.” she added.



  1. 350 metres of new cable, that will be a decent performance boost.

    Any ideas of where about the cable got broke… I know that a chamber collapsed outside the Hawkesley health centre a while back and was like it for some time.

    and the post office on Hawkesley square was without connections for nearly a week.

  2. I live in Willmore Grove and we are still not reconnected, can anyone give me any idea when service will be restored.

    This would be bad enough at any time but with Christmas shopping etc. it is most inconvennient.


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