No, not Flack or Vorderman but Christmas Carols!  Maybe not the usual sing song you may associate with a pub, but a great chance to test out those lungs.  Apart from at the football, Christmas is one of only a few occasions that people like to belt one out and can do so without feeling too self-conscious.

This year on the 14th December starting at 3:30pm Redeemer Church Birmingham are holding their Carol Service in the upper room of The Black Horse pub (B31 2QT).  It should be a fun time and a great way to really kick Christmas off!  Even if you’re not the ‘belt it out’ type and prefer to sing softly-sweet or just listen you are most welcome, although I for one will enjoy letting loose my inner Welshman!

So if you fancy a gentle carol or a good sing song, or even just some festive refreshments please come along!

Happy Christmas to you all!  (oooo, it feels good to be able to say that now)


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