Retailers at Northfield Shopping Centre have seen tills ringing out in the run-up to Christmas.

More shoppers than ever are heading to the centre, with stores seeing a rise in sales, says Northfield Shopping Centre manager Pete Barber.

“I am very pleased to say that year on year, there’s been more people coming to the centre, and retailers are telling me that as a consequence they’ve also seen their trading figures rise.

“That’s equally true for food and value stores like Iceland and Poundland plus our fashion retailers, such as Peacocks and New Look.

“The new JD Sports store has seen very good trading since it opened and that’s underpinned an excellent run-up to Christmas for the whole of Northfield.

“The centre is almost full, and that’s helped ensure we have a good mix of retailers to bring in shoppers.  Black Friday gave us a rise but it’s not just been that – shoppers are continuing to head to Northfield.”

After stores close at the end of trading on Christmas Eve, shop staff will be gearing up ready to open for the Boxing Day sales.

“We are expecting plenty of people to be heading our way to pick up some bargains on their doorstep, though the retailers are naturally keeping quiet about just what will be on offer,” added Pete.

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The new JD Sports store at Northfield Shopping Centre
The new JD Sports store at Northfield Shopping Centre
Retailers at Northfield Shopping Centre have been busy in the run up to Christmas
Retailers at Northfield Shopping Centre have been busy in the run up to Christmas


  1. Its always about the Northfield Shopping Centre – what about the small independents up the High Street – many have struggled this Christmas with falling sales figures. We had roadworks outside our shops and customers unable to cross the road safely with temporary traffic lights not working, all this on potentially our busiest saturday of the year before Christmas. meanwhile at the other end of the High Street you have ice skating in Prices Square and Father Christmas in the Centre – its no wonder sales were down!

  2. That’s a good point Joy. It did seem busy along the length of the shops in Northfield, but it was a nightmare trying to cross, hence people just shopped the side they were on.
    Surely it would be common sense for BCC to clear road works and temporary lights before the busiest time of the year :s


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