West Mercia Police have confirmed that there was an incident this morning where a 13-year-old boy was approached by a man on The Avenue in Rubery.

The man attempted to grab the boy’s arm but he ran away and was not harmed. Police reassured that, at present, there is no evidence that there was any intent to harm the victim.

The man was described as white with a pale complexion, he wore glasses and had short brown hair. At the time of the incident he was wearing a black zipped up jacket. He is thought to be in his late teens.

A police spokeswoman said: “[We] are treating this as an isolated incident and do not believe anyone in the wider community should be concerned.”

Extra patrols are being carried out in the area.

Anyone with any information on this incident should call West Mercia Police on 101, quoting incident 118s of 20th November.

In addition, do take this opportunity to remind your children about ‘Stranger Danger’ and to report any suspicious behaviour to a trusted adult or police.

• Never go off on your own with a stranger, take things from them or get in a car with them.
• Make sure you tell your parents where you are.
• If someone scares you, or makes you feel uncomfortable go somewhere safe, which could be your home, your school or a police station.
• Remember to tell someone what has happened straight away.

For younger children, visit the Safe Street website


  1. Me and my partner were contacted by one of our sons friends on Saturday telling us that her son had mentioned a silver car pulling up along side them as they walked home from school on one of the afternoons last week .


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