An American style diner has opened on the new Longbridge development.

Overlooking Austin Park, Celebz Diner offers up a taste of America with burgers, chicken, waffles, milkshakes and ice cream.

The diner is open 11am until 11pm, seven days a week.

For more information visit:

The Celebz Diner website

Celebz Diner on Facebook

@CelebzDiner on Twitter

@Celebz_Diner on Instagram

Tel: 0121 702 2225



  1. Sounds like McDonalds, probably about as tasty :puke:

    Except this has a name that acknowledges possibly the most pathetic and vapid part of our society. At least McDonalds reference the idea of not owning your brand properly.

    I guess this shop is another brand from some faceless globalised corporation? It looks tacky and impersonal, the corporate way.0

    This development in Longbridge is obviously about the status quo and removing wealth from the area, it isn’t about creating opportunities for independent businesses. Just look at who is there now, PLCs and large businesses, and Marks and bloody Sparks is going to come along.

    This isn’t bloody Harborne where you can go to the supermarket and leave your house open. Harborne, where Waitrose is the low-brow food shop!

    That spam dumped locally recently was a joke too. There’s a consultation? Ha, it basically said people can go and see what is going to be done, it sounds like public voices will not be listened to. What superficially could be a chance for public opinion to be submitted looks like it is not a chance at all: new buildings are going up. Decisions have been made, there is no “consultation”.

    Anyone else noticed how the most obvious litter these days is the lurid orange Sainsburys bags? Don’t worry Maccys, your crap is still all over the place, it is just Sainburys have out gaudy’d you!

    Ahhh, brand awareness. It’s what they desire.

  2. Celebz is a small business, you’d know that if you’d been there and supported their venture. As are the hairdressers and the charity shop just around the corner. The opportunities are there for individuals, its just not as easy as you put across to open a store front and a lot of capital is necessary.

    If a large company sees an opportunity to open a store in an area in which a competitor has a larger market share they’re going to.

    Businesses as large as M&S and Sainsbury’s aren’t going to go under any time soon meaning the jobs they create for the area are secure. Unfortunately small businesses cannot provide that security nor the volume of job opportunities. A coffee shop opened just around the corner, on the same row as the charity and fish and chip shop, and its already closed its doors. Any employees they had will now be unemployed.

    As for the litter. It has always been there. That’s not a corporations fault, its the people’s fault. There are plenty of bins around in the new development as well as outside McDonald’s, Unfortunately people around the area don’t seem to care.

    As for the consultation, its not the first that’s been held. At this stage it is more to let you know the plans rather than let you create them. That ship has sailed. The design work for the centre has been underway for 10 years and has been clearly visible online for that duration. You can’t expect a developer to change plans that a lot of money has gone towards this late in development.

    I too want to see more independent businesses opening their doors on the site, and hopefully that time will come as development for the town centre continues.

  3. well I just took my family to this place and the first thing that hit me was the smell of burning cooking oil. there was so many things wrong with this place I cant even start to describe it. as for the food if you like fat frozen chips and an egg that is burnt beyond recognition on both sides to go on your stone cold burger then this is the place for you. my food arrived just as the rest of my family was finishing their frozen chips (advertised as fries) I took the burned egg and cold burger back and was told the burger was cold as it had been taken off the hot plate so they could cook my egg this makes me even more mad as I was told my food was late as it was a flame grilled burger. to top it all off as this place is supposed to be an american diner I ordered a coffee and what I got was a non brand instant coffee in a tall glass. I was not happy, I will never go again and I would not recommend it to anyone.

  4. Celebs wasn’t for me as a 44 year old, but I took my teenage daughter and her friends there for her birthday, they loved it, especially the milk shakes. The atmosphere is airy and the music is up to date with a video screen. A bit expensive and the menu is small. Definitely better than mc donalds if you like a proper burger though.


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