All of our meetings are open to the public and all are welcome.


Our Chair opened the meeting, welcomes were given and Introductions were made.

Minutes of our previous meeting (can be found here) were approved as accurate.

Tony Richards, Manager from our repairs Contractor gave us our TQP (Tenant Quality Promise) Update.

Tony explained that performance figures cover the first quarters i.e August 2014 and circulated a report that outlined the following :

% of RTR (Right to repair) completed on time – 97.8%

Average Time taken to complete repairs – 13.6%

% of appointments kept by our repairs contractors – no Ward breakdown but above the accepted standard laid out by Birmingham City Council

% of works overdue more than 5 days as a proportion of jobs received – 17.9%

% of emergency repairs attended In 2 hrs – 96.6%

% of jobs completed to acceptable standards on inspection – 97%

% of jobs completed on 1st visit – 8.1%

Overall customer satisfaction with repairs by contractor – 95.8%

Tony suggested that Melanie was to attend the next meeting to update.

Toolbox talk – Melanie to update on this at next meeting .

Councillor Peter Griffiths argued the 100% standards achieved for the North and South of the City, i.e jobs completed to an acceptable standard on inspection.

The group discussed the various standards and how they were realistically achieved. Arron discussed the void (empty) properties, he highlighted issues and queried the timescales for tenants to move in ad the acceptable standards of repairs that are there for the tenant.

Tony explained properties must be waterproof and windproof. He assured the group that where properties were marked as a ‘fail’, action would be taken. He added that they are currently looking at performance and voids turnaround time as this has an impact on revenue to the Housing Revenue Account and also on homelessness figures.

Ron, our Vice Chair gave feedback on a job that was completed to an excellent stage from a customer in Kings Norton.

Andy raised a question regarding the targets that are set out for repairs, and who sets the targets and the clarity of the actual satisfaction levels responded by customers via feedback.

Carl queried the training for staff at the central Birmingham call centre. He reported on cases where jobs had been raised and the operative visited the site to action the wrong job, another case where the tenant had passed away and the operative was trying to gain access to carry out repairs at the wrong address.

Natalie explained that contact can be made direct to herself or the local team with any further issues.

Mears Contractors – No rep required this month,

Willmott Dixon Contractors – No representative, We were informed that the WD rep had been involved in an accident, our best wishes for a speedy recovery were conveyed to Tony.


Community Projects and Budget Updates

Lewis O’Rourke :

He explained that he has set up his own enterprise and currently working with young people, i.e., working with local schools, linking them with other Housing Liaison Boards, working with a group of young people in Druids Heath, working with young people in Tipton, and working with the 10 Ten Team, mentoring and various working projects.

He asked the group for their thoughts on involving young people from the area in the same way.

Councillor Griffiths explained that there is a youth forum/ service and he could feed into this forum and the information from various sources could be useful for him to pick up on.

Natalie (Local Housing Manager) talked about sustainability what is needed, support structures i.e., what is needed, end goals and scope for projects to be done with substance.

Ron talked about the need for active encouragement for younger members to the group. Carl suggested The Ark Rose Academy and young people being empowered on meetings and local community issues. Natalie talked about setting up a group, finding out what they would like to achieve and avoid duplications.


Arron circulated the 2013-2014 & 2014-2015 Budgets

He explained that projects are still being actioned and recorded accordingly for 2013-204 financial year, the sheds for the Popes Lane Blocks were discussed and Natalie confirmed projects are moving forward.

2014-2015 Project Spend

Quotes are outstanding for 4 Block repairs/upgrades.

Budget is on target for spend.

Natalie reported that the issue around trunking for the various blocks around the entire Kings Norton Ward, have been raised with appropriate contractors i.e., Virgin Media , this is on going.

Wychall Lane Estate Work

Residents are extremely happy with the new improved security and fencing measures that have been implemented and paid for by the HLB.

Garages at Wychall Lane

Work for the demolition is being chased via Economic Development Department.

Ann G raised issues around local garages within the Groves on Primrose Estate and the lack of security. It was reported that these are due to be demolished.



Nadeen Explained Kite Marking and asked Ron to take a folder away with the guidelines, work with her and the group over the next few weeks/months to develop the folder in order to achieve the Kitemark .


Estate Assessment Updates

Nadeen informed that all of the dates for assessments and walkabouts have been completed for 2014. new dates will be issued in due course.

Natalie gave a general update on local work that is still on going. i.e.,

She explained the speed of response on complaints and the effectiveness of her team, i.e., the damaged trip rail that was reported by Arron, same day resolved.

The garages at the Groves were reported on 14th October at 10am, and was completed 1 day later. She showed the group photographic evidence of MEB cupboards – burning and damage ect, work carried out by the team i.e., repaired and painted. A tree up on Thistle green was passed on to the parks department and all the items were completed.

Anti Social behaviour issues on the Estate – meeting to take place and has an idea of the perpetrators .

3rd November – Chamberlain Awards are taking place in recognition of the fantastic work that kings Norton Housing does within the area.

Bonfire Night – Tuesday 4th November, the Local Team will be out on site clearing fire hazards from 6pm.

Natalie asked Councillor Griffiths to ensure figures were updated on web for Northfield and also informed us that Sue Clinton, Housing officer will be leaving the team. We wish Sue all the best for the future and thanked her for all the amazing hard work she has done in Kings Norton in the past.


Social Media

Arron reported as follows –

Twitter 420 followers , over 1,500 tweets sent – you can follow us on twitter @KingsNortonHLB.

Picking up on local issues, on gardens and forwarding issues the Local team as they arise.

27th November we have a community stall at the Green as part of the Kings Norton Farmers Market, Christmas light switch on. Arron explained following the Summer BBQ with the local church, it was a good idea to meet face to face with residents, pick up on issues and promote getting involved.

Group voted to cancel November’s meeting and rearrange a meeting to take place in December. The group agreed Thursday 4th December.

Arron circulated 3 pages of feedback notes from the October City HLB meeting.



Andy asked about the Current Board of City HLB and the likelihood of any changes to several issues still outstanding that Arron is dealing with, via resident Involvement and Cabinet Members of Birmingham City Council. The importance of moving with the times and again, actively encouraging a shift in representation of City HLB members, and it becoming a more open and welcoming meeting.

Ron explained that each HLB has a vote as to who they will want as City HLB Chair in March.

Nadeen explained that there will be an AGM for the Kings Norton HLB in January 2015.

Ann S raised CCTV cameras in and around the 3 Estate area, Natalie explained that if they are in working order they should be checked.

Ann S raised queries over the parks department and the frequency of regular hedge cutting. Road issues can be raised as a point in general at the next kings Norton Ward Meeting.

Councillor Griffiths informed us that there is a Consultation that has started over Baldwin Road, and that there is a city revision of all Tower Blocks that is going to be carried out by December 2014.


Date and time of the Next Meeting  –

Thursday 4th December – 6.00pm- 7.30pm At Melrose Close Sheltered Housing Scheme, off Foyle Road Kings Norton .


Follow us on Twitter @ KingsNortonHLB


Many thanks to Nadeen Justice for information provided.




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