UPDATE 16/11/14 The ashes have been returned! They were found left on the front garden of the house where the car was broken into this weekend! Thank you to all who shared the story

ashesA woman in Northfield was saddened to find that her car had been broken into over the weekend. Thieves smashed the car window and made off with belongings including a satnav. 

However, the woman was most devastated to find that the ashes of her late partner which were in the glove box of the car had also been taken. 

She contacted B31 Voices to appeal for local people to help find the ashes.

The car was broken into on The Roundabout, Northfield, where the lady was staying to help care for her disabled son who is unwell.

The ashes are in a 2″ high mother of pearl urn inside a 4″ square black velvet box.

Thieves may have discarded the box when they realised it was of no value to them.

If you have found it please get in touch!

If you have any information on the break-in, please call Longbridge Police on 101


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