Year 7 and 8 students at Turves Green Girls School are preparing to take part in the first ever Longbridge Light Festival which is going to take place on Saturday 25th October from 6 – 10 pm at Longbridge town centre. There will be a number of events and activities free for all the family, and many of our students are working hard to produce artwork for the festival.

Year 7 – Sci-Fi Lantern Parade

Year 7 students are working busily in their art lessons to create work for one of the festival’s main events – a Sci Fi Lantern Parade inspired by the sculptures of Birmingham artist Ruth Claxton. At the start of the term they had the opportunity to work with Ruth, who makes objects painted with retro-reflective powder. Ruth brought some of her work into school and talked to the girls about her ideas for a parade of Lanterns, decorated with the same substance.

lantern workshop1      lantern workshop

The students explored structures using toothpicks and marshmallows and started to develop some exciting ideas. Students will be constructing their own wearable sculptures using card, paper and retro-reflective paint to wear in the Sci-Fi Lantern Parade on the 25th October, which will also feature artworks by Ruth Claxton. Although their ‘lanterns’ will not be lit, the retro-reflective paint will light up when people shine torches or other lights on them. It promises to be quite spectacular, and we hope you will come along to join in!

Year 8  Window display competition

Year 8 students have been developing ideas for the Longbridge Light Festival window display competition. The girls have been challenged to make a collaborative window display that uses light on the theme of ‘Back to the Future’. We are very excited to have been teamed up with Phil Jones Associates who are sponsoring our window display. Phil Jones Associates is a design-led organisation based in Longbridge whose work involves integrating transport planning and urban design.

Our window display will be one of many located in the shops at Longbridge town centre (behind Bournville College), but we are hoping that ours will be the best!


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