Are you cool? Every time you catch a glimpse of your reflection in shop windows do you almost rush in and try to buy yourself? Do you have a bowler hat? Have you ever seen Goodnight Lenin play live? No, oh then you’re only half cool, but fear not, pick up your sulky chops because you can still be fully cool.

The lads are performing at The Institute on the 29th November with the Travelling Band to celebrate the launch of their debut album “In The Fullness of Time”  And guess what? You can be there too if you’re quick and buy a ticket. Obviously being as awesome as they are, tickets are selling fast so don’t delay, buy one today, before they get away! (poetry)

You can buy your tickets from here:

The release date for Goodnight Lenin’s debut album  “In The Fullness of Time” is November 24th, guarantee your copy and pre order now.

You can pre-order a physical copy now from

You can also digitally pre-order from I Tunes and receive an instant album track entitled ‘The Reason’ from:

Be 100% Cool.



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