On Tuesday 7th October the Endeavour Co-operative Trust Stakeholder Forum held its second meeting since the Trust was formed by Cofton Primary School and Turves Green Girls’ School earlier this year. The meeting was attended by representatives from community organisations, ex-pupils, as well as parents, governors and staff from the two schools and we were pleased to welcome fourteen new members.

A constitution for the forum was agreed and adopted. The new constitution can be found on the ECET Forum website here.

The following officers were appointed;

Chairperson – Deb’ McIntosh

Vice-chairperson – Charlotte Goodman

Secretary –  John Shattock

Treasurer  –  Alison Jones

Community and Business Outreach Officer – Gemma Cartwright

The meeting also included an update on the many ways in which the schools have been working with their Trust partners, and, following on from the first meeting, a report was presented on the current ways in which Turves Green Girls’ School supports transition experiences from Year 6 to Year 7. A very constructive discussion took place around further enhancing transition experiences for children and young people at all stages in the Trust schools and when they move on to college. This resulted in a number of ideas and suggestions which are listed in the notes from the meeting which are available to download from the forum website here.

The next scheduled meeting of the Forum is on Tues 3 February, 4pm, venue to be confirmed.

The Forum welcomes new members from the community including parents, learners, residents, businesses, charities, community groups and organisations. If you would like to get involved with the Forum come along to the next meeting. Or for any queries contact us via our website here.


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