Chancellor George Osborne gets some bricklaying tips, watched by Rachel Maclean

 Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP visited a house-building scheme in Kings Norton on Monday (6th October).

The Chancellor, invited by Conservative Party candidate for Northfield Rachel Maclean, tried his hand at bricklaying during the visit to the Kings Rise development, off Walkers Heath Road..

The scheme by Barratt Homes will see 127 new 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes being built, some of which have been bought with help from the government’s Help to Buy scheme.

Rachel said that Barratt Homes Managing Director Adrian Farr, had praised the initiative, saying it had been successful in helping them to sell the homes to local people, many being first time buyers.

Speaking at the site, Rachel said, “In our area, thousands of people have been able to get on the housing ladder for the first time and secure a better future for themselves and their families. In Kings Rise, 127 new homes will be built, and the knock on effect on the local economy is significant as over 250 jobs have also been created”.

Rachel and Mr Osborne chatted with the apprentices working on the site, who are earning and learning at the same time, and getting an opportunity to learn useful skills which will help them get good jobs in future.

Rachel said: “I’m proud that our party in Government recognises the aspirations of people living in our area to buy their own home and is putting practical steps in place to help them. I know from talking to local people and living here myself how much this is needed here. That’s why it is excellent news that David Cameron pledged even more help for first time buyers with the Starter Homes plan announced last week which would deliver 100,000 new homes over the life of the next Parliament”.


  1. 100000 new homes over 5 yrs!!! population goes up 250 000 a year…WHOOPS!! that’s ovwr a million homes short fall.
    Get the population down…. STOP Immigration.

    • You’re not a product of immigration yourself, Mr. Reason?

      I don’t happen to know which generations of my relatives were not born in this country, but we are all of immigration. It is just some have gotten here later than others.

      Also, as was brought up at bigot-gate, there are pretty much as many emigrants as immigrants, the net change is negligible. Absolute population size isn’t affected much by migration.

      As you are clearly a person of logic and hard data, your chosen moniker states it so clearly, if you have missed this piece (you must have, if not your attitude makes you look like some kind of racist!) then you’ll be glad to know a study shows that immigrants “were a boon to the state and the public finances, not a burden.” A 5 billion quid boon.


      The rising population here and worldwide is probably mostly attributable to rising life expectancy. That is a consequence of medical science, and its foundations.

      One final irony in what you say is that actually your proposed solution to your concern will not truly solve anything, immense problems will occur elsewhere. The UK has a total fertility rate of less than 2, so we have an ageing population. With no immigration, people that are vastly the young, as more and more people retire and don’t die (because of rising life expectancies) we will face even larger costs of supporting the elderly and retired.

      Immigration is actually part of the solution to a major social problem.

      Reason. Use it.


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