On Thursday morning, year 3 pupils from ARK Rose Primary Academy put on a special Harvest festival assembly in front of a packed house of fellow pupils, teachers, parents and siblings.

The assembly showed the different ways harvest is celebrated around the world and stressed the importance of thanking farmers and all the other people who make sure we have food on the table. Pupils sang songs about vegetables, read poetry, displayed their artwork and even performed an interpretive dance about bringing in the harvest (set to a high energy musical track from Dizzee Rascal, no less).

The centrepiece of the assembly was a play, Mrs Wolf’s Pancakes (adapted from the children’s classic, Mr Wolf’s Pancakes), which contained important messsages about the importance of sharing and helping others.

Lots of hard work and preparation went into the assembly. Staff and parents helped make brightly coloured costumes for the children to wear. Parents also generously donated tins, dry goods and other food to a Harvest collection, which pupils from ARK Rose Primary Academy have donated to the local B31 foodbank.

Headteacher Mrs Penelope Webb said,

“it was fantastic to see our year 3 pupils working together as a team to deliver a magnificent Harvest celebration. I am so proud of them for all the hard work they put into their performance. I am also thankful to our parents and staff for all their support. Today Year 3 have reminded us all of the importance of helping others, particularly those less fortunate than us, and sharing all the good things we have in life.”


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