On Tuesday 2nd September it was my first day at Senior School.

We all started the day in the Main Hall where we met our headteacher, Mr. Crookes and our Head of Year, Mrs. Reeves. I also met the Year 9 PALS and my Form Teacher, Mrs. Savage.

In the Form Room, we took the register and got given our planners, we then filled them out carefully in neat handwriting.

I discovered today that my Individual learning Style is that I am a visual learner who learns well through reading. This means that I will learn my best by looking at diagrams, and labelled pictures. Also I like to write down notes and key features to help memorise big and chunky paragraphs.

At lunchtime, my friends and I sat on the field and talked about what our different forms were like and shared what we all did in the mornings.

In the afternoon we had a fun quiz in Main Hall for new Year 7s, I also made some new friends from other primary schools.

Later in the week, we all learned a Brazilian dance called Samba for the Carnival. I really enjoyed the canon we danced (this is doing a move and then others repeating the same move) and the turns we did. I learnt this dance from watching demonstrations by Mrs. Reeves and Mrs. Simcox.

After break, Our form took part in making headdresses for the Brazilian Carnival. We were the Fire group out of Air, Water, Fire and Earth. I made one with yellow, red and orange tissue paper circles around the base and fire themed corrugated card coming from the top.

In the afternoon we began to complete the ‘Arts Award’. I had photos of our ‘Fire’ team listening and making headdresses. I labelled them carefully and drew pictures for the scrap book effect around the edges.

In transition week we also made biscuits, from dough with jam at the top, and I took three home to my mom, brother and sister.

We also did two experiments in Science, one called “Chemical Rainbows” and the other called “Fire Writing” where Shanaya and Melissa set theirs on fire!

There was a BBQ one afternoon and I sat by Ellie (my best friend in 7G) Grace, Yammi and Rebecca (another friend in 7B). I ate a burger and had some blackcurrant juice. Mr. Smedley and Mr. Jones cooked burgers and hotdogs while the Year 11 PALS served them up in baps and buns and poured the juice for us.

I really enjoyed my transition week and I’m glad that I chose Turves Green to be my Senior School.



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