On the eve of the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, Prime Minister David Cameron has supported his candidate for Northfield, Rachel Maclean in an interview with the Birmingham Post.

The Conservative party are targeting Northfield and Edgbaston constituencies in next year's general election and blaming the city's Labour council for recent harsh budget cuts, including the introduction of a green waste charge. However, Labour supporters cite the harsh reduction in funding from central government as the cause for local budget cuts.

Mr Cameron told the Post that he believes that strong feeling against the so called “garden tax” will help turn our local electorate blue in May. Of Mrs Maclean he said: “We have some excellent candidates who have been campaigning incredibly hard, such as Rachel Maclean in Northfield. Her work on the Garden Tax has highlighted the poor decisions the Labour city council have made, which caused a waste dumping chaos on the city’s streets.” Read full article.

Following a tweet by Rochester MP Mark Reckless, who today announced he had quit the Conservative party in favour of UKIP, it has been rumoured that the Tories intend to bus in Conservative campaigners to Northfield on Sunday afternoon.

On Friday, the day before his unexpected defection, Mr Reckless tweeted: “Good to lead coach for Team2015 campaigning in Birmingham Northfield on Sunday…” and rumours are that campaigners will be in the area tomorrow to try and win over voters.

The current Labour MP for Northfield Richard Burden writes on his website: “People from the local Labour Party in Northfield were out with me today in support of the NHS. I say “local” because the Conservative Party are holding their national conference in Birmingham and their London HQ is boasting that they are going to bus large numbers of people attending the conference from different parts of the country down to Northfield on Sunday afternoon.

“Their job, I hear, is to tell people everyone that things are going splendidly and how grateful they should be to messrs Cameron and Osborne.” Read full article

If the campaign hits your street, let us know!




  1. *Opinion*
    I am Praying they don’t visit my street !, the fact they are bussing 100’s of people that have paid up to £100 a ticket for the TORY Conference is a slap in the face for struggling hard working families of the Northfield Area.
    Money better spent on saving libraries and children’s services than paying for transport for strangers to tell us how to vote !.
    Shameful ….

      • When the Tories- lib dems were in power of the council whos money was they spending.
        Thats right Labour money now cities like Bristol- wokingham ect… get more than Birmingham shame on them Tories.
        The people of this city want better and deserve better.

  2. Did you see all the tories with their maps trying to find roads in Longbridge and Northfield.

    Did they come here to give Birmingham its fare share of money which is needed.

    shame on them young people out of work, more homeless people than ever. Food bags being given out so people can live.
    This city facing cuts to the most needed services come on tories if your coming to our wards bring us some good news.


  3. Did you see all the tories with their maps trying to find roads in Longbridge and Northfield.

    Did they come here to give Birmingham its fare share of money which is needed.

    shame on them young people out of work, more homeless people than ever. Food bags being given out so people can live.
    This city facing cuts to the most needed services come on tories if your coming to our wards bring us some good news.


  4. Ahh, the Tories. Who remembers their Ladywood slogan in the 70s, “Want a n*gger for a neighbour, vote liberal or labour”.

    UKIP pretty much openly play that card these days, but there are sections of the Tory party very upset about how race-baiting is being used to not generate Tory votes.

    Conservatism is about aristocracy, and as such it is undemocratic:

  5. Plan and simple if you value the great NHS dont vote for the tories.
    The NHS is something to be proud of and its ours so lets keep it..
    All this fuss around these tories comming to Longbridge and Northfield everyone of them is trying to ruin the NHS.
    Leave it alone and go back to your mansoins and castles.

  6. Lets not forget that it was labour who started the NHS privatisation and loaded it with managers.
    Given that the Tories were the only party to commit to increasing the NHS budget at the last election, have more doctors now than under labour, have more nurses than under labour, cut back on over paid managers and are treating more patients than ever before it would seem silly to go back to disgraceful patient care that was experienced in Staffordshire and many other places across the country.
    The labour front bench makes rather a mockery of the idea that its just Tories who are millionaires.

  7. I work for the NHS and have done for 35years its in the worst condition ive ever seen it in.
    Agency staff – long waiting lists- cancer treatment under funded – lone working -midwifes under pressure with record births with lessstaff.
    Untill you have done the work please do not coment..
    There are more millionaries in the man utd team than on the LABOUR front bench and the Labour front bench earn teir money.

  8. The NHS was bled dry under the Tory govt, when Labour took over they believed in personalised health care, training for staff and most of all access to services. Doctors are now feeling the strain due to the privatisation of many services to those who are linked to the Tory party.

    Labour made the NHS and will save the NHS

  9. the Tories are bad,but lets not kid ourselves,labour,lib dems and ukip are all part of the same corrupt system,that pretends to listen to voters near an election,but spend the next 3-4 years listening to anyone but the voters. they can find money for trident,domes,wars,banks,posh dinners,huge wine cellars subsidised homes,food and drink,and a royal family. yet the majority of voters get cuts,and told to work harder,longer for less.

    and lets not forget labour like the Tories before them saddled us with PFI’s for those new hospitals. creating huge profits to them and their ilk at the top end of the Ponzi scheme for years to come.

  10. Not sure which Tory gov’t you mean Sophie but it was chancellor Brown who promoted the disastrous private finance initiative as a device to build new hospitals, while handing huge profits to favoured companies. As a result, NHS trusts are bled by £700m a year. This caused an unnecessary financial crisis (one of many under Labour) allowing more profiteers to take over what was a Labour government’s greatest achievement.
    Wasn’t it Labour Health Secretary Alan Johnson who approved a list of 14 companies that advised on and took over the “commissioning” of NHS services. They were given influence and eventually control, over which treatments patients receive and who provides them. They made multi-millions in profits.

    Good comment d. Anyone who thinks the NHS was better under Labour is deluded…..is it better now, that could take a long comment to answer properly. Would i risk letting the man who was out of control on the issues at Stafford Hospital near the NHS again….resounding no from me.

  11. sorry aladdin,i think you’ve misunderstood me i think they are all just as bad as each other. because in essence they have the same masters. (big business & friends) it’s in there interest to pit people like you,me and Sophie against each other.when in truth,when it comes down to brass tacks we want the same thing for the NHS.

    Cameron, pledged he had no plans for the NHS,yet got into power, had a top down reorganisation. and carried on commissioning where labour left off..so in the broken Ponzi scheme of a system we have, personally i trust the Tories even less than labour..

    John Major brought in PFI under protest from Labour,but on coming into power the NHS and schools needed huge funds spending after years of under investment and neglect under Thatcher and Major. Labour like the Tories before them liked the idea of keeping debt off books Osborne like Brown was against PFI until he got into power. same patten different decor.and like then, while the voters scramble over pennies the real money leaves the country to our colonial tax havens,unchallenged by government and aided by the big 4 accountancy firms.

    The biggest PFI deals went on defence projects. like the £10bn Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft which gifts the provider a profit of £310 million a year until at least 2035.

  12. Not wishing to keep saying sorry to each other d….but i agree, they are as bad as each other.
    To be fair, i would expect the Tories to continue with commissioning, what surprised me was Labour going down that route…..a route they seem happy to continue with at both national and local level.

  13. We dont want camron or his cronies or farage all we need is a labour government vote richard burden every time. He’s done a lot for us serving the community and local area for many years.

  14. And if the torries get back in you will get no health sevice. They will privatiice that as well. So the slogan NHS Meens NO HEALTH SERVICE. UNLESS YOU PAY LIKE THE YANKS.


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