The meeting was held in the function room of The Bulls Head Public House at Kings Norton Green.

Members of the public, Kings Norton Primary school, CAMRA , Lifford Business Association, local traders and business owners along with Ward Councillors were  in attendance.

There were lots issues that came to light at this meeting, primarily the objections of both the Sainsbury and Co-op Planning applications should be tackled head on and objected to equally. This was due to some of  those in attendance that having a Co-op store on the same side of the green at 287 Pershore Road South, saying it was ‘the lesser of two evils’.  There was not one trader there that agreed with the Sainsbury application.

Simon Jevon, Conservative Councillor for Kings Norton is due to have a meeting with Sainsbury representatives this Thursday (4th September). Regarding the application he said ‘ Kings Norton Green is at the heart of our community. The proposed Sainsbury’s development on the Navigation Car Park could pose a serious threat to the viability of existing local businesses’

Simon can be contacted at

All applications are to go to the Planning Committee together, this will not be before September 18th,  owing to   an extension given for objections against the Sainsbury application for the Store on the Navigation Car Park.

The same primary arguments and objections for the Sainsbury application will be the same as when the previous Co-op Application for development of the Pub car park was rejected in 2012.

Loss of the actual car park was of great concern to everyone there.  Not only does the Navigation Car park currently  provide half an hours grace in both the morning and afternoon for parents to park, it also has provided car park space for 6 members of staff from Kings Norton Primary School due to the restriction of space at the school.

Labour MP for Northfield has written to Sainsburys today to express his concerns and support for The Green at Kings Norton.

You can find it here 

Lisa Storey from ‘Our Place Kings Norton’ has asked for the possibility of Patients and their carers that visit the nearby dialysis in Ardath Road to be involved as they maybe effected by increase In traffic at peak times and also with deliveries by transport vehicles if the application was to go ahead.

As a local resident too, along with Lisa Storey  I also have concerns that, if either  application goes ahead it may have a negative impact on the Current negotiations on going with the Regeneration Project further along the Redditch Road on the 3 Estates.

The headmaster of Kings Norton Primary school was advised of these applications during the school holiday. And an offer of leafleting the car park to advise parents as soon as possible was put forward.  A further joint public meeting with the School and parents is to be arranged, and details will be posted as soon as possible.  Another concern is the increase in traffic along the Redditch Road corridor and the safety of local school children, particularly since the last crossing warden retired and has not been replaced.

Worries that if the Co-op application is also rejected by planning is that the buildings that are already in a state of disrepair will be allowed to continue at its present rate and attract more problems and possibly become dangerous.

Northfield Prospective MP Rachel Maclean has said ‘ As a resident of Kings Norton who uses the shops regularly, I’m very concerned about the new planning applications put forward recently. It was useful to attend the public metting organised by the Lifford Business Association last night because I believe its important to hear first hand the concerns aired by Local traders on The Green. I’d encourage businesses and residents alike to make their objection know, if they have them, to the City Council’

Rachel can be contacted at

Letters of objection are available from all Councillors and there are plenty also at The Green Pets  Shop from Di who will be collating them to send together as one to the Planning committee.

Any future meetings will be advertised here ASAP.



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