The Licensing Sub-Committee met this morning in Room 2 of Birmingham City Council House.

Despite both Local Councillors, Local Labour MP Richard Burden and a local Head Teacher meeting with Sainsbury’s and expressing their concerns, both vocally and in writing,  The Licensing Sub-Committee Chaired by Councillor Barbara Dring this morning granted a Premises License for the Possible Sainsbury Store Development on the Navigation Inn car park.

Detailed maps of the area and store location were provided at the meeting. The planning application as yet, has not been decided by The Planning Committee due to meet early next month.

The Licensing Sub-Committee did not take lightly the problems that may be encountered or those that had been put across in statements, asking many questions to ensure that all regulations were met.

Sainsbury’s Lawyer and a Local New Street Store Manager were in attendance to answer questions by the committee panel and BCC lawyers and officers.

Kings Norton  Labour Councillor Peter Griffiths spoke on behalf of fellow Labour Councillor Val Seabright, in strong objection to the application, citing the many fears and concerns passed on after two public meetings, the last one most recently held at the adjacent Kings Norton Primary School.

There was some confusion during the meeting as the Sainbury’s lawyer cited job numbers at around 30-35, while the most recent paperwork provided by Sainsbury during Decembers consultation stated around 20-25.

The hope is that these jobs will be filled by local people if the building goes ahead.

The missing 10 jobs would appear to be made up of experienced managers and staff coming in from outside the area to manage the running of the store.

It was also noted that Conservative Kings Norton Councillor Jevon had also met with Sainsbury to express the feelings of local residents and businesses at the meeting, and the Licensing Committee was aware of this.

One of the Conditions of the License being granted is that Alcohol within the possible store be covered with shutters during non sale time, mainly outside of alcohol trading times of 7am-11pm most of the week.

Local residents and businesses, part of the Lifford Business Association will now be left in Limbo, until the Planning Application is seen at Committee to see if the building of the Store will go ahead.

A further public meeting with Consultation with Sainsbury is due to be arranged as Sainsbury said it was very much a community based employer and wants to work alongside with local residents and businesses.


  1. Sir/madam
    Have people in licensing lost their marbles ?
    Politicians of all sides advocate the drink aware programme but nothing is done to stop the abundance of supermarkets selling underpriced alcohol.
    For example.
    If I was to go into any supermarket I could purchase 10-20-30 slabs of strong beer or as many litres of spirit I so desired without as much as a raised eyebrow.
    If I were to try to consume the same amount of alcohol in a pub or club I would be refused way before drinking anywhere near that amount. As you are fully aware.
    If the politicians of this country are steadfastly behind sensible drinking. Then let’s have a decent minimum pricing structure. At least 75p per unit.
    Thank you.

  2. There’s 3 Sainsbury’s within about 3 miles of each other on the A38 – Longbridge, Northfield and Selly Oak. Is there some kind of bigger plan that Sainsbury’s has that we need to be aware of?

  3. well for people like myself with 2 kids who do not have transport i.e a car i think its a brilliant idea so ideal for myself and other mothers around the area at least we dont have to stress about busses cant wait till its there woooooo lol ;) xx


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