Live or work in Northfield District (including Frankley, Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield, Rednal, Weoley & West Heath)?

Got a question on local policing or council issues or domestic violence and protecting vulnerable individuals in our communities?

Click below to join a live web chat hosted by West Midlands Police on Thursday 11th September 2014 between 6-7pm and put your questions to:

  • Inspector Vanessa Eyles: West Midlands Police Inspector for Northfield District.
  • Detective Sergeant Andy Byford: from WMP’s Public Protection Unit. Ask him about anything related to domestic violence, sexual assault, vulnerable children / adults.
  • Cllr Randal Brew: Conservative party councillor for Northfield ward

You can ask questions live or if you can’t make the live chat, leave your questions in the comments below and we will ask on your behalf.

Questions / comments may be posted anonymously

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Live Blog Northfield Constituency web chat – Inspector Vanessa Eyles


  1. Parking on Claerwen grove b31 1ty is terrible at school times and other times from inconsiderate residents. Parents collecting children park over driveways and on yellow lines. On the pavement completely blocking it for pedestrians. Residents also park on pavement so you cant walk down pavement. I have to walk in the road with my daughters wheelchair often because of this. What can be done on both accounts please? Many thanks.

    • Hi Sara, thanks for the question.

      Insp Eyle’s response: ”
      Hi Sara Mathewson. Thanks for your question. Parking outside schools is a considerable problem up and down the Country. With many schools built just after the war it is no wonder that parking was not a design priority back then! Inconsiderate and dangerous parking creates danger for children crossing roads, danger for other road users who can’t see clearly and it creates friction for everybody.

      Where possible it is much better for parents and carers to walk children to school. There are benefits for children’s health as well as reducing parking problems. Less parking would mean that people with push chairs or wheelchairs such as yourself would be able to use the pavement safely.

      If a pavement is so blocked that people cannot pass by, this can constitute sometimes as obstruction of the highway and tickets can be given. The Police try to deal with such matters by trying to educate drivers not to park in such a way.

      The location you are describing is just on the Bartley Green ward. I have checked the police logs and nobody has reported these issues to the Police during 2014. Please can I suggest that you link in with the Neighbourhood Sergeant for there, Sergeant Wendy Goodhill, on: and I know she will look into this matter for you.

      Police teams are working jointly with the schools on these matters.”

      And Cllr Brew suggests you try Cllr Lines on 0121 303 2130


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