ARK Kings Academy has listened to the concerns of parents about the cost of school uniform and will be offering a free school uniform to every new Year 7 who joins the academy next September.

From next year, each new Year 7 will receive a:

  • Blazer (worth £24)
  • Jumper (worth £11)
  • Backpack (worth £9.60)
  • PE polo top (worth £7.50)
  • Tie (3.30)

Altogether, the free uniform package will save parents £55.40

Investing in Students’ Future Success

ARK Kings’ decision to offer a free school uniform to new Year 7s was driven by an understanding of the financial pressures parents face when children join secondary school. But there is more to the offer than traditional investment.

Announcing the free uniform offer last week at an open session, ARK Kings Academy principal Roger  Punton described the offer as an investment in students’ future success and ‘something for something’.

ARK Kings Academy hopes that by giving every new Year 7 a free uniform they will be ready from day one to  rise to the challenges of secondary school. And in return, the academy expects parents and students to match this investment by committing to working in partnership with the academy to ensure every student realises their full potential.

Find Out More

ARK Kings Academy will be offering tours of the academy by appointment throughout September and October.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to book an appointment to look around our school, please just call or email:

Telephone: 0121 459 4451


Applying for a Secondary School Place – Key Dates

If you live in Birmingham you should already have received information about the application process from Birmingham City Council through your child’s primary school or in the post this summer.

You are strongly advised to apply online or to have returned your Birmingham Local Authority Preference Form by Wednesday 1st October 2014.

Friday 31 October 2014 is the final date for acceptance of late preferences or change of preference through moving home etc. If you have not received an acknowledgement of your preference form before this date you should contact Children’s Information and Advice Service on 0121 303 1888 (option 4).

You can find out more information about the admissions process by visiting the Schools Admissions and Pupil Placements Service on the Birmingham City Council website:


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