Frankley Carnival committee and the Friends of Balaam’s Wood Local Nature Reserve are creating a memorial poppy tree to remember all those who made sacrifices in the First World War, 100 years on from the day Britain declared itself at war with Germany.

The tree will be constructed from branches gathered in the Balaam’s Wood Nature Reserve, beside the River Rea.

Participants will be able to write a personal message of remembrance – a memorial message or a poem or appropriate sentiment – on the back of a poppy and add it to the creation by Arden Road shops. Poppies will be available by the tree, or pop in to Frankley Library to collect and write your message with a cuppa.

You can share your thoughts and images on twitter using the hashtag #FrankleyPoppyTree and view all the tweets on the Frankley Poppy Tree tweet wall

When: Monday 4th August 2014 – Frankley Library open 9am-5pm. Tree building commences at 10.30am.
Where: in front of Arden Road shops, Frankley B45 0JA and Frankley Library

If you can’t make it during the day tomorrow, why not make your own paper poppy and add it to the tree when you can?


  1. I stopped wearing poppies a few years ago, they are used by some to symbolise and perhaps even glorify war, a position I cannot tolerate.

    There were disgusting sacrifices made all around, but the poppy appeal seems to have massive biases when it comes across as being for “our lads”, excluding the deaths by military opponents and civilians. Human lives are not worth more just because the person happens to be from a certain place, or happen to be of a certain religion or have more melanin in their skin, etc..

    The white poppy is a much more acceptable symbol, though if people are going to do things to remember those that died I feel a much more suitable thing is to try and pursue something where all those deaths weren’t in vain – such as actually getting in the way of wars being waged now. We just do not seem to have learned from WWI, Europe is again suffering from out-of-hand nationalism and aristocracy-seeking.

    • Anything that reminds people of the “needless sacrifice” and prevent further wars is worth doing whether it be red or white green or blue or yellow. Full marks to frankley for giving it a go. well done all of you.
      may I ask you anon. you say “I feel a much more suitable thing is to try and pursue something where all those deaths weren’t in vain – such as actually getting in the way of wars being waged now.” What have you done to pursue this ideal?? I presume you mean gaza or Ukraine or Afghanistan or Chechnya etc? Please do share with us all.

  2. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. We at Frankley felt we wanted to do something to commemorate the start of WW1 like so many others around the country, and I would personally like to thank all the people who took a little time in their busy lives to write on one of our poppies and hung it on our tree. At the end of the day when I counted we had 68 poppies on the tree. Well Done everyone and thank you for your support. Thanks too to Sas for giving us a good write up.

    Linda Chair of Frankley Carnival Committee.

  3. Anon do you really feel what you are doing is changing anything? I have lost friends in war zones seen close family fly out to fight. None of them felt it was in vain the ones who returned have all commented about the changes they have seen for the better so go out to these war zones and do something dont be a keyboard warrior


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