A former head of PE at a Rednal school has received a suspended sentence for the sexual abuse of a 15 year old girl in the late 80s, the Birmingham Mail reports.

Darrell Bunn, 64, from Marlbrook, Bromsgrove admitted 9 counts of indecent assault and 2 of taking a child from the lawful control of their parents.

Taking into account the fact that Bunn is suffering from a “progressive and incurable” cancer, the judge at Birmingham Crown Court handed him a 2 year suspended sentence, saying that if Bunn had been well he would have been given a jail sentence.

Bunn began a 2 year relationship with the girl, then 15, in 1986 when he was an athletics coach at Birchfield Harriers where the she trained.

Image by SalFalko on Flickr
Image by SalFalko on Flickr

Bunn coached young people at the Birmingham athletics club and was athletics star Denise Lewis’s coach and mentor for 13 years before being replaced after her first Olympic appearance in Atlanta in 2006.

In addition to his coaching work, Bunn was head of PE at, what was then called, Colmers Farm School in Rednal (senior school) until his retirement.

On hearing of the charges in May, Colmers School and Sixth Form College headteacher Barry Doherty said: “I know that this information will concern many families.”

And Mr Doherty sought to reassure parents and the local community adding: “I wish to emphasise that the alleged offences have no connection to Colmers School or any member of its community whatsoever.”

Read the full statement from Mr Doherty, Colmers School

Read the full story from Birmingham Mail: Former Olympic coach who sexually abused teenage girl avoids jail because he has cancer


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