Paralympics star Mel Clarke with students from ARK Kings Academy
Paralympics star Mel Clarke with students from ARK Kings Academy

Last week ARK Kings Academy was treated to an inspirational training session from two-time Paralympics medal winning archer Mel Clarke.

Dream, Believe, Work and Achieve

Mel Clarke shared with students her inspiring life story, describing how through sheer determination she was able to come back from a life threatening illness to winning a silver medal for archery at the London 2012 Paralympics. Through her story, Mel encouraged students to dream, believe, work and achieve.

Mel’s Training Session Hits the Target

Mel also gave many of our students their first taste of archery. Students were introduced to the basics of the sport and got the chance to put their learning to the test by launching plastic coated arrows at targets.

Like the true sports ambassador she is, Mel was modest about her achievements and was happy to pose for photos with star struck students and staff alike.

Living for Sport

The visit was organised as part of Sky Sports’ Living for Sport programme. Living for Sport is a free secondary schools initiative that uses sport stars and sport skills to boost confidence, change behaviours, increase attainment and improve life skills.

Mel spoke positively about the impact of her with visit, saying:

“It’s nice to come back to a school and see how they’ve progressed. I’ve had some comments from one of the guys today who has told me about their cousin who is in a wheelchair and some of the things they’ve done and what do I think of them.”

Lasting Impact 

Mel’s visit has also had an impact on ARK Kings’ students. Reflecting on the visit, student Joe said:“I really enjoyed it; we should have another visitor like that come in to school.”

Already, the effects of Mel’s visit are being felt at ARK Kings Academy. The academy has has been a surge in interest in archery amongst students, so much so that ARK Kings has now booked additional archery sessions for their end of term enrichment days.


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