0bobjonesAn online book of condolence has been set up for West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner Bob Jones who passed away suddenly yesterday (June 30th)

Mr Jones, who was 59, died in his sleep at his home in Wolverhampton last night.

Bob Jones was elected the first West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner on 15 November 2012, after a long and distinguished career in public service.

Bob’s wife Sarah said: “Bob was a warm and wonderful man. Nothing was more important to Bob than his family which he loved with a passion. He was a very special man who will be terribly missed by his loved ones and I’m sure by the many people whose lives he touched in public service.”

An online book of condolence has been set up for those who wish to pay tribute to Bob. Enter your comments here

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  1. I met Bob Jones for the first time yesterday (30.06.14) at a Conference held at the University of Birmingham covering the role and responsibilities of the P&CC.
    He was the last speaker at the conference and he gave a stunningly intelligent, honest and insightful input on his role and his thoughts about the future of policing governance.
    He said he had created his own devolved model which he described as being cross-party, localised and not dominated by any single issue interest groups. He said he wanted to reflect the needs of the whole community.
    He described his Policing Plan in Churchillian terms ‘This is YOUR plan’, this is OUR police service. He stressed local buy-in and local needs. He hated the police being compared with the military and disagreed with Direct Entry at Inspector and Superintendent levels. He agreed with direct entry at ACPO level because it broadened the potential number of applicants. He said that he saw his role as a facilitator – he believed in multi-agency partnerships. His last words at the conference were ‘I am presenting myself as a partner, a partner to all the other agencies and as a a partner to the community’. .
    None of his presentation was scripted, there was no PowerPoint and he quickly answered (with great depth) numerous questions that were put to him, including my own. He struck me as someone of tremendous capability and integrity.
    My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends.
    Sgt Daryl Kenny – Staffordshire Police.

  2. I feel proud to have known Bob for almost 20 years through his tirelessl work for CAMRA. We shared 10 years as directors and I always looked up to Bob and admired his commitment, skill and passion. When he spoke to meetings we all listened! Such was the carisma of the man. The world is a poorer place without you Bob. We will miss you tremendously. Cheers my friend.

  3. Well said. Any dealings I had with Bob left me feeling he had an incredible insight into the Police Service. He was very humble, an ordinary man who cared and wanted to serve the people of the West Midlands.


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