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Birmingham city council are inviting residents to have their say on the future provision of leisure facilities in Northfield District.

Earlier this year, during Birmingham City Council’s budget consultation, it was announced that Northfield Pool and Leisure Centre will close by 2017. The plan is to replace it with a new, privately managed facility, for the whole of Northfield District: Northfield, Longbridge, Kings Norton and Weoley wards.

However, details of the new provision have yet to be decided. It is hoped that there will be no loss of service and a number of possible sites have been identified for a new pool and leisure centre, including the former MG Rover site in Longbridge. Another alternative could be to build a new centre on the current site, but this would mean some loss of service as work was completed.

Now residents are being asked for their opinions on what new facilities should be provided. A workshop to be held later this month.

Northfield District Chair, Cllr Brett O’Reilly, said: “I would really urge local people to attend the meeting next week and join the discussion about the leisure facilities they would like to see in their community.  We have a fantastic opportunity to build a modern leisure facility and we want to ensure that we deliver a centre that reflects the needs and wishes of local people – for instance do they want a pool, a gym, a sports hall or astro-turf pitch?  And how will they get there – by car, bicycle or on foot?”

Workshop details:
When: Wednesday 30th July at 6.30pm
Where: The Factory Young People’s Centre, 5 Devon Way, Longbridge

if you wish to take part in the workshops, please contact Northfield District Office | Tel: 0121 464 9812 | Email:

If you are unable to attend the workshops, you can send your views by visiting the Be Heard website until 15th August.

If you can’t attend and have more to say than is covered in the questionnaire, it may be worth emailing your thoughts to the Northfield District office or to Northfield District chair Cllr Brett O’Reilly Brett.O’

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  1. I understand the want to keep it in Northfield, I have a disabled child and we are not able to use it as a family. When I spoke to staff they said there are so many repairs needed every year they just put a sticky plaster on it. It needs a new build just as long as we have one for our community I’m not fussed where it’s placed. We have to be careful that we don’t loose the baths

  2. Fill it with sharks and get the kids in there. Guaranteed we can find a future olympic champion!

    Nah, seriously, sharks and those who like ideologically seek to privatise. It’ll solve the whole matter!

  3. Build one in Longbridge it is fast becoming the heart of south birmingham anyway. It has good transport links lots of land to build a quality centre to rival the likes the crystal leisure centre and tudor grange northfield cannot compete

  4. I agree, Northfield baths has been neglected far too long. I worked their for a while it has issues that the council just did short repairs instead of caring for it. Would be good to have it at Longbridge better parking and new facilities. I spoke with Cllr Brett Oreilly in the week he said that Northfield would remain open if it was agreed to built somewhere else. Obviously it can’t if people want it on the same site. I just hope they make the new facility friendly for all to use. I live b38

  5. came across this interesting read.

    I agree buildings do not make good facilities, an upto date pool is needed if we have the chance for this lets get the best for all generations.

    We don’t want to just repair it for another few years where we will be in this position again. I’ve filled the survey out and against what I originally thought suggested the Longbridge site better bus and train services.

    I do enjoy the swimming pool building surely it could be changed into some sort of community facility.

  6. Is there not somewhere in Northfield that could be used for the workshop…nice one Birmingham Council.
    I would like to say all the residents of Northfield will traipse down to Longbridge but its not going to happen and i doubt Longbridge residents will vote for Northfield….a council scam.

  7. Hi The Factory is in Northfield Ward I think that is why it is being held there, plus I have just done the online survey

  8. Hi, I think its being held there to stop Northfield residents as opposed to Longbridge residents giving their views. I hope all the people who can’t get to Longbridge do the online survey…but i doubt it.

  9. Strange how Longbridge is being looked after by the council while Northfield and Weoley is left to rot…i wonder why ;)

    • They are tories plan and simple. Longbridge will be the place to be in next couple of years well done to all the councillors and MP in that area your a credit keep up the good work..
      BONO VOX

  10. What travel facilities does weoley or northfield have? Just bus stops longbridge has the train station too and less traffic it makes sense to move to longbridge. People talk of weoley and northfield being left out well try living on frankley we have a couple of paper shops a poor supermarket (omco) a pharmacy, indian takeaway, a chippy, bookies and greggs thats it no parks for kids just a naff football areaby hollyhill shop’s and bugle. Nothing reaside end its a joke police are scared council refuse facilities for the estate its a joke. So stop moaning about weoley frankley is truly forgotten area. We was promised train station 20 years ago never turned up all parks was dismantled by council probably weighed in. Parish council only look after 1 side of estate and we are going to be last to receive wheelie bins.

  11. Hi The Factory Young People Centre is in Northfield Ward the Chair is Cllr Brew, Northfield Swimming baths is also in the same Ward Cllr Brew is Chair. At the Ward commitee Cllr Corns and Cllr Brew Cllr Oreilly make the decissions for this part of the community. Lonbridge Train Station is Northfield Ward. It is good that for once this part of Northfield are being given a chance to have a voice. It will be great to have a baths that is upto date and disability friendly. Northfield also is a businees improvement development group who represent businesses and the community where a lot of funding has been allocated. Its time for the community to speak out

  12. Aladdin I received a letter stating it is definitely going to be in the Northfield District. It said if its kept on site it will need a rebuild which means staff will be laid off as there is no where or them to go. Due o it taking 18 months to rebuild so no local facilities. A new build is needed I’m hoping for I to be in the bordering part of Northfield Ward so all areas can use it due to great public transport

  13. I’m not sure that building out on the edge of the Northfield ward is a great idea, which ever edge it is and that could well be the far edge of Weoley yet if the reports are anything to go by. With the council closing Tiverton Rd as well as likely Moseley Rd (which they promised to save) and Northfield if as it appears they want to, the issue of access becomes more than just the link to the areas but also cost.
    If the baths are to serve the district area as is suggested, it should be equally accessable in distance and cost to everyone, which says to me somewhere in the centre.
    There is no need for the present baths to close even if the a new build is onthe same site….or so the council say.

  14. Aladdin I worked at the pool, it’s not efficient or inclusive, people with is abilities can not use the facilities. For the past 9 years the repairs have been short tem. If the Northfield Cllrs wanted to keep the pool thn they should of used the funding when Sainsburys was built o repair it properly. Again now funding is none existence they are fighting for it. Shame they made poor choices before. I want a pool for my community not a building patched up again. Most of all security or the staff a new build is the only way

  15. *Opinion*
    I love how Northfield baths has been forgotten as just for people that live in Northfield… (Aladdin) Northfield as a Constituency Ward is huge, and the baths serve Northfield, Longbridge, Weoley, and even Kings Norton.
    I haven’t used Northfield Baths for years, I’ve travelled (public transport) to Harborne or Kings Heath, even (memory helps -Stetchford Cascades) from my home in Kings Norton.
    The fact that is is moving from its present site to somewhere else makes very little difference to me at the moment.
    What I can say is as soon as it’s rebuilt I’ll be back using it here in our, my local Ward and not using the other facilities I have been since 1996.

  16. Absolutely the opposite Arron Blake….the baths are not just for the people of Northfield but the whole district, which is the concern for those who are living at the other end of that district.
    You are clearly very lucky to be able to afford the cost of transport to all of the other swimming baths, but not everyone is in that position making somewhere in the middle of the district fair for everyone. We should be supporting everyone but children in particular to be active, not making it more difficult in order that the council can spend thousands on another expensive high profile project.

    • Its got to be Longbridge new town centre all the way its the diamond of the area.
      Soon to have new train station marks and spencer ect…
      please put the pool here and watch it grow for all to use Northfield is dead wood thanks to tories who sadly have left it to rot.
      Bono vox

  17. Aladdin the pool is not fit for purpose anymore, when the funding became available from the Northfield Sainsburys the Northfield Cllrs should of made the changes needed. Instead they just patched it up again and again. Now it has aged and its not fair to keep on patching it up also it is not disabled friendly. To get the bus from kings norton, Weoley , Longbridge Northfield cost the same as it is one bus. The baths are poor quality out of date time to go. If you could rub your lamp and make it updated that would be fabulous . Shame that the Cllr who made this decision is now trying to make it a political debate instead of customer need.

  18. *Opinion*
    Sadly I’m not Aladdin, I’m not in the lucky position of being able to afford the ‘luxury’ of travelling by public transport, as my income as carer is less than I believe all carers in this country should be entitled to.
    I travel to other superior facilities because it is my choice, and during the better weather I either cycle or walk, taking my nephew (10) and Neice (4) along the cycle routes.
    After receiving two replacement heart valves via open heart surgery (twice), suffering a heart attack and coping with arthritis I am well aware of the plight of travelling further for disabled users of the pool.
    But a new pool would also have far superior changing facilities, access to and from and into the pool.
    As I’ve said, when the new one is built, wherever in the Northfield District it is, I’ll be back as a regular user with (albeit) slightly creaking arms.

  19. You have baths in Harborne baths in Bournville and even kings heath weey castle can get to Harborne as easy as nothfield kings norton can go either of the other 2 easy enough longbridge rubery rednal and frankley struggle and it is easier to go northfield than the others. Obviously northfield residents want to retain their baths but longbridge would be more central to west heath northfield rubery frankley rednal and a fairer choice plus while it is being built there is no loss of services just dont allow the old building to turn into macdonalds Chinese or a mosque

  20. Ah sorry Arron Blake, when you said you travelled on public transport i assumed that you went on the bus or train.
    No doubt that the facilities for disabled people should be improved, which they would be with a new pool i’m sure.

    • To late it should of been done years ago shame on the torie councillors who have left it to rot over the years even ehen they were in control nd had all that Labour money to spend.
      Bono vox

  21. Good news is the number 19 goes through 3 of the wards if it was to be moved to Longbridge. Plus with the new university pool which has been confirmed will be open to the public that cd support Weoley residents etc as well. Exciting times 2 new facilities that should support all

  22. Tonight it’s important for locals to have a say, living this side of Northfield I am absolutely thrilled for once we have been able to get involved. This side of
    Northfield will be a great place to have the new baths, lots of good traveling options, cycle, bus and train. Most of the public transport travel through all wards.

    The new facility should be available for all abilities, financially suited to the community. Open times for working families and benefit those who are not fit to work.

    This is a great community asset for the District. I would not of known about this meeting. Thank you Cllr Oreilly for the letter my family will be attending

  23. So I cycled the 4.6 miles round journey tonight to go to this meeting from mine (saved £4 bus fare).
    Anyone else go ?. ….
    Keep the baths where it is – will have to close possibly up to 2 years, to be replaced with a near like for like because of space restriction – Build a better more improved facility elsewhere and hey presto, it stays open while the new one is being built.

  24. Unfortunately the councillors for frankley didnt inform us of the meeting so was unable to attend. Like I said nobody cares about frankley residents or their opinions.

  25. Dave I am from Frankly as you use the Internet you were obviously aware of the meeting it has also been posted for the past 6 weeks in the Pool for all users to attend. The sad news is the Chair of Northfiled Bid stated the businesses would prefer to close the Pool for two years and rebuild on site. Which would mean no facilities for 2 years. Another alarming point is Northfield Cllr stated he didn’t want a new village he was not listening as its was referring to the changing rooms. Good point was made by one lady a pool for all abilities is needed. Another gentleman said the fees need to be the same for locals.

  26. some meeting was hijacked by staff from local leisure centers fears about their jobs …longbridge is a Ghost town if you dont have a car it difficult get around on foot also it already has two private Gyms LA fitness & Bournville college when new Bournville Gym was built we were told it would be open to public too as walk in gym but this is not the case its contract membership one reason some people use Northfield is its ‘Be active scheme ‘ & passport to leisure ..I do not trust the council or private companies who run the new centers who promise cheap gym membership

    • Sorry Alf its got to be Longbridge it will be the place to be soon mate Northfield looks old and not up to standed.
      The councillors in Northfield who have been councillors for years have watched it happen im afraid.

  27. Micky I clearly didn’t know as I would not of put last status if I did!!! Plus I dont use Northfield pool or facilities as they are so out dated so would not of seen notices in the centre. So please don’t assume I would know.

  28. Point well made alf but many people cannot afford those private memberships so miss out. I agree Longbridge is ghost town but with the regeneration and possible new pool it should help local economy to recover after rover collapse

  29. At the meeting/workshop Dave Wagg stated that if the new build was decided, the Northfield pool would remain open until the new one opened. I would ask people of Northfield and Longbridge to remember this commitment !! he also stated that he felt Job security of the staff would be better safeguared if the above committment was in place.
    I strongly feel we should all unite to ensure the future of swimming pools/leisure centres and I am encouraged by both the attendance at the above meeting and the varied views expressed.
    Power to the people!

  30. Good point about the college gym…and i hear a pool at Longbridge may be run in a similar way. £28+ a month membership but only for college students between 9-5 Mon to Fri….hardly the open to public that was expected.
    You are right Alf….they can’t be trusted.

  31. Its interesting to note a similar situation in Coventry where the council closed a pool and opened a new one….all very nice except they have put the prices out of reach of some individuals and groups including disabled and childrens. It would be nice to have a guarantee from our council that the admission prices will not be going up.

      BONO VOX

      • There is nothing much happening in Longbridge once the students all head north at the end of the day.
        Labour should not privatise the bath operation like they started with the NHS…its just not labour. They can’t be trusted and so out of touch.

        • Its got to be Longbridge and it will be Longbridge its the diamond town centre thats getting better and better.

          Northfield town centre needs a revamp from one end to the other its been neglected by torie coucillors for years.

          The NEW town centre in Longbridge will have a new train station modern shops a great park and of course the new pool bring it on.

  32. Disgusted that Racheal Mclean has not delivered her letter to the Sunbury Road area in Northfield. I as a young person will not be voting for the Conservatives due to always neglecting this part of Northfield. If we are not on the high street then they don’t care. I hope the Council officials see sense and recognise that the new town centre is the better place for the new pool. All bus routes from kings Norton, Longbridge and Weoley Castle all pass it. After reading my mates leaflet it made sense Racheal is not in touch with the community as our local views on this side of the ward are far from valued disgrace.

    • Well said Ricky i agree some people just think Northfield is by the old town centre and for get about the other part of Northfield.
      As for Racheal Mclean from solihull she is always getting lost and mixed up around Northfield and Longbridge.
      The pool should come to Longbridge and be part of the new town centre so all residnts can use it from all over the south of Brum.

  33. Nah, theres only college people there in the day and the council have backtracked on the gym being open to others already on that….and at night its like a ghost town apart from people returning home from town.
    Labour shouldn’t be selling out to private companies anyway….companies that will put the prices up and if thats what was wanted the tories do that better.
    I wont vote for a labour that privatises….its just wrong.

  34. I do hope the Pool is brought to Longbridge my sister works at Northfield Pool she is devastated and scared if the pool remains on site they will loose their jobs.


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