A very happy birthday to Frankley community volunteer, Bruce Pitt, 70 years young today! (I hope he doesn’t mind us telling you that!)

Bruce works hard in the Frankley area: he sits on Frankley Parish Council and works on lots of other projects including Frankley Housing Liaison Board, Frankley Carnival Committee and Frankley Street Champions. which is highly regarded across the city.

If you don’t know Bruce, you may have spotted him, wading around in the River Rea, fishing out junk! Perhaps trimming overgrown hedges on pathways or dressed in silly costumes to entertain local youngsters at events!

Every area needs a Bruce!

Have a fabulous day, sir!

Bruce with fellow volunteers, Frankley Parish Councillor Linda Coates (R) and Penny Moore (L) of The Friends of Balaam’s Wood LNR at a celebration held yesterday at Reaside Community Centre



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