Four people were arrested following a disturbance at the Aldi store in Selly Oak yesterday evening.

Eye witnesses to the incident, in Bristol Road around 8pm on Thursday 10th July, described a brawl outside the store, with plant pots being thrown and store window smashed.

This morning, a West Midlands Police spokesperson said: “Police [were] called to Aldi in Bristol Road, Selly Oak, following reports of two groups fighting outside.

“Four people were arrested on suspicion of affray and are currently in police custody.”

Those arrested were two Selly Oak men aged 23 and 30, an 18 year old woman from Selly Oak, and a 28 year old man from Northfield.



  1. I’m surprised that people who come across as such bigots are interested in this local website. Not sure why people have to be so judgemental and rude. We should all be more interested in contributing to making the city a better place rather than making ill-informed sweeping generalisations about people from certain areas. Attitude says a lot more about a person than where they are from.

    This forum should be more effectively monitored to prevent people from making such comments.


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