On Tuesday 24th June the Endeavour Co-operative Trust Stakeholder Forum held its first meeting since the Trust was formed by Cofton Primary School and Turves Green Girls’ School earlier this year. The Forum is grateful to Councillor Randall Brew for chairing the meeting. The meeting was attended by Councillors Brett O’Reilly and Reginald Corns, representatives from various community organisations, ex-pupils, as well as parents, governors and staff from the two schools. It was a small meeting, but very constructive.

A discussion took place around identifying priorities for the newly formed Trust. Suggestions included;

  • Building membership of the forum
  • Developing the two schools as a community resource
  • Facilitating positive contributions to the community for pupils and ex-pupils, potentially linked to an accredited citizenship award
  • Involving ex-pupils to support current learners
  • Enhancing links with special schools and parent advisory services related to SEND
  • Enhancing transition experiences for children and young people from pre-nursery through to HE/Lifelong learner
  • Keeping children safe in the context of community links
  • Facilitating joined-up services for children and young people in the area, to include holistic support for children and young people and access to appropriate information, advice and guidance.
  • That the work of the Trust benefits our children’s education and helps the local community within which we live

The next meeting of the Forum in the Autumn Term will include a report on current transition arrangements, the appointment of a subcommittee for exploring issues around ‘joined-up services’ and discussion of a draft mission statement and a draft constitution.

Arrangements are being made for Forum members to visit another co-operative trust.

We would really like to grow the membership of the forum so that it can truly represent our schools and our community. The Forum welcomes new members including parents, learners, residents, businesses, charities, community groups and organisations.

Come along to the next meeting which will be held at Turves Green Girls’ School on Tuesday 7th October at 4pm.

If you would like to know more contact Mr Neil Jones on n.jones@turvgng.bham.sch.uk


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