From West Midlands Police:

A teenager with no licence or insurance who stole four high powered motorbikes has been jailed for a string of crimes across south Birmingham.

The lad – who cannot be named because of his age – appeared before the city’s Youth Court on Friday (18 July) facing 13 charges.

During the trial, the judge heard how in just six days in June the Bartley Green boy stole four high powered motor bikes, attempted to steal another, tampered with a car, lifted one car number plate, made-off off without paying £120 worth of fuel and drove without a licence or insurance and while banned from the road for an earlier offence.

Officers investigating the crimes secured CCTV footage and forensic evidence linking the boy to the offences and quickly tracked him down to an address in Chelmsley Wood.

Despite the teenager leaping from a first floor window to escape arrest, he was arrested and brought before the courts.

PC Tim Browne, from the youth offending team, said: “Fortunately in Birmingham we’ve been working hard to drive down vehicle crime by targeting offenders. From the forensic evidence left at the scene of the crimes and high quality CCTV footage we were able to identify the lad and bring him before the courts.

“While in jail he’ll be given every opportunity to change his ways. When he is released he will be closely monitored to ensure he doesn’t fall back into a life of crime and waste even more of his young life behind bars instead of achieving his full potential.”

The boy was jailed for one year and banned from driving for one year.

Vehicle crime across the whole of Birmingham is being driven down by police. Between April 2013 and March 2014 officers investigated 8,983 theft of and theft from motor vehicles. This is down 16,604 crimes from a high of 25,587 over the same period in 2002/2003.

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  1. he should be named. how can he carry out all these crimes be jailed and not named. We are soo soft in this country.
    At least the toe rag has got a few months in the nick.
    well done to the police.


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