From next week, ASDA at Barnes Hill in Weoley Castle will no longer have 24 hour opening.

New opening hours from Monday 14th July are:

  • Mon – Fri 6am to Midnight
  • Sat 6am – 10pm
  • Sun 9.30am – 4pm ( no purchases can be made until 10am on a Sunday )

Cover photo cropped from original image by Ell Brown on Flickr



  1. Such a pity & all because of nasty, violent individuals who have no regard for decent working people. I hope karma gets them soon.

  2. That’s what happens when you build in a crap hole area full of dole scum and people that want to go on Jeremy Kyle

  3. That’s discusting!! Who reason I moved round this area is cuz it was brilliant with that 24hr especially with new baby not that u have baby stuff when ppl need it why bother making all this advertisement if ur going to take ur down this will cause big problems ur meant to be leafing brand with other supermarkets ! Disappointed in this!

  4. I nearly got a job doing security down there but chose to stay with my current crap company as I was getting 100+ hours per week & Asda only offered 20. All of the jobs were 20 hours per week.
    Do they give such short shifts so they can report how many new jobs they’ve created?

  5. The stores 24 hour license has been removed for the safety of the public abc the staff due to recent violent robberies. I wouldn’t move to a area souly for a 24 hour supermarket !! Schools would be top of my priority over aph hours !!

  6. Shame that has happened due to some mindless scum.
    Weoley castle has good and bad areas like anywhere,it’s not Hollywood where I live my newsagents has been attacked 4 times now and that was scumbags..
    Why should decent hardworking people be made to suffer because of these horrible people.
    come on asda have a rethink on this..

  7. its not just asda barnes hill thats been robbed they have all been targeted so the people who are sayin its cos its in weoley castle wake up theres good n bad in all walks of life and its always the minority who spoil it for the hardworkin majority

  8. This wont stop the trouble, now all of those scumbags causing problems and stabbing security guards will come to the store earlier in the day before it closes, the store is in a bad location but people from all over birmingham arrive at the store over night in taxis, I live opposite the store and see people shouting st security and flashing blue lights at the store all night long

  9. How can you say Wesley castle is a bad place it has nothing going against some other places in Birmingham, like Handsworth etc.

  10. Let me just say I knew as soon as they said the build was going ahead there would be trouble just like when kfc was built. Weoley castle is bad an unlike places like handsworth yeah they hit the news but they look after there community I.e local shops foodplaces etc I have lived in both weoley castle and handsworth and to be fair I still to this day think handsworth is alot better to live! I dont think its should be opened back as a 24hr although this may affect jobs its only a couple staffing jobs down not a majority loss.

  11. This is a budget thing asda had lost a lot ov funding and used this as a reason to shut at night I know this as I worked in there hr

  12. You people make me sick you want 24 hour opening because your fast worthless school to work to home to granny lives are that dull and boring!!!! Go online and do your shop and get delivered to your door then if that is the case!


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