West Midlands Police have appealed for witnesses as they investigate an alleged assault on a teenager in Northfield at around 5pm on Sunday (22nd June).

The 15 year old boy, who according to his sister suffers from cerebral palsy and chronic lung disease, had been in MacDonalds on the high street with his older sister when it’s alleged that a group of four lads began teasing him.

After he and his sister left the fast food restaurant, it’s alleged that two of the group followed them towards Sainsburys calling him names. Close to Sainsburys, the teen was hit from behind across the head, causing his glasses to come off.

Appealing for witnesses to the incident, Northfield Constituency Neighbourhood Inspector Vanessa Eyles said: “This is a despicable incident and Northfield Neighbourhood Officers are looking into this allegation.

“West Midlands Police are committed to combating disability related crime.” she added.

Any witnesses, or anyone with any information in relation to the incident, is asked to phone police on 101 or email the Neighbourhood Team on northfield@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111

For more information on hate crime and how to report it visit the West Midlands police website


  1. Well what a bunch of tough guys we have out there…attacking a disabled lad and his sister. Good God, its about time they started to grow up and stopped behaving like babies.


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