Thieves have stolen a money box where visitors to Woodgate Valley Urban Farm donate when they visit. 

On their Facebook page, the farm posted yesterday: “It’s not often that we share a negative post for the farm, unfortunately today is different. At some point at around lunchtime, someone wrenched off and stole the farms money box. This is the box that we trust people to put money in upon entering the farm. This is the box that collects the money that feeds the animals and keeps the farm running. Stealing is wrong in any form, but to steal from a charity, run by volunteers, who work for free, giving up their own time to provide a unique facility for the community to enjoy, just seems that bit worse. We are not a big organisation, with lots of other branches- its just us and there isn’t a person somewhere who we can ask for money from to replace the box or the entry fees we are going to miss out on. So for now we are left saddened and dissapointed but felt we should keep our follwers up to date. Thanks for reading.”

If you have any information, please call 101. 

To offer your support or make a donation visit the Woodgate Valley Urban Farm web site


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