A Rednal shop has been forced to cease trading after police seized what they believe to be Class A and Class B drugs from the premises.

Police were alerted by residents and customers who were concerned about the supply of drugs from the shop in Edgewood Road.

On Thursday 5th June,  officers executed a warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act and suspected drugs and paraphernalia were seized.

Two men, aged 25 and 28, were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs. They remain on police bail pending further enquiries.

Officers linked with Birmingham City Council and on Tuesday 10th June the shop was ordered to cease trading.

Longbridge neighbourhood policing team are urging people to continue to report all suspicious activity.

Commenting on the on-going investigation Sergeant Robin O’Brien said: “I thank people for coming forward and providing the police with the vital information which led to the Longbridge team executing the warrant at this location. Drugs suspected to be both class A and B have been recovered.

“These drugs have been sent off for analysis to confirm what charges these men may face. But our work hasn’t ended there and as part of the investigation progresses we’ve linked in with the council which has closed the property and ordered it to cease trading.

“I would encourage residents to contact us if they have any concerns, not just about the supply of drugs but any other criminal activity. The information you provide could be used to secure search warrants and the removal of associated crime from your community.”

To contact police about crime concerns call the 101 non-emergency number.20140614-170224-61344115.jpg


  1. Yay, prohibition. It works soooo well, ’cause this will completely stop people being able to get substances in the area. Money well spent by the police and their informants and legal enforcers, and because of drugs being tightly controlled and regulated there is plenty of tax paid to cover the costs.

    There’s no parallels between alcohol prohibition in the USA in the 20s and 30s and drug prohibition in the modern world, either.

    Al Capone et al. used violence to settle market disputes, and the products in that market was of such low quality harm from methanol was regular. Add in explosions from stills, etc. and the legal climate made things a farce. These days though drug-prohibition is so not based on moralising or circular logic or political agendas at all, and dealers never use violence in the marketplace. Drugs are such high quality too, for example street heroin is as harmful hospital-grade diamorphine, and cocaine is never cut with things that superficially could be coke – like benzocaine or novocaine, glucose or methcathinone.

    Yeap, calling the police is the best thing to do about drugs. Do not think about any of that activism or writing to your politician, things are just great.

    Plus prohibition allows the police to keep an eye on trouble makers, other ne’er do wells and funny looking people. Because drug prohibition is completely different to alcohol prohibition there cannot be any problem with drug laws being used to perpetuate prejudices against any groups.

  2. Other parts of south birmingham need a crack down ( no pun intended ). But the police are to scared to enter these parts of the city.

  3. Crack hill lane…. ooops sorry I mean Cock Hill Lane, lets face it if u need drugs of any type just go there no doubt u can get anything u need there, the police and council know it happens there they just do nothing bout it

  4. Aladdin the police know who and where to get drugs. Yes crack hill is one place aswell as dearlers road sorry dealands road

  5. Not that i’m planning on getting any drugs, but thats disgraceful if the police know where the dealers are but do nothing.

  6. They have been told many times on my road from residents tbat are in their 80s to teenagers who have been offered drugs. I know they have been given timetables of peek times. one dealer lives in council house and owns several high performance cars (audis bmws and mercs) worth more than the house and no police due to his reputation. It is so blatant and very close to a local police officers family home infact the very next road to his parents house but nobody cares. I am sure the same is true for others that have commented previously but they have shut up for a reason (lack of confidence in police)

  7. Is there a new councillor just voted in….perhaps they don’t know about it…seems odd that they might not know but its worth telling them to get it sorted.


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