The current tennants of the Hollymoor Centre are seeking people who have any connection with the old Hollymoor Hospital in Northfield for a special celebration on Armed Forces Day on June 28th.

The centre, now a nursery and community centre run by Longbridge Childcare Strategy Group (LCSG), is housed in a few of the remaining admin buildings from the original hospital. Other surviving buildings, including the chapel, laundry and water tower, are now home to a church, doctors’ surgery and dentists’ surgery.

Hollymoor Hospital opened in 1905 as an annex to ‘Rubery Lunatic Asylum’. Costing a quarter of a million pounds to build, it catered for around 600 patients in the rural farmlands between Northfield and Rubery. The 100 acre site, now a housing estate and industrial units, had housing for staff, it’s own bakery, laundry and farm and was linked to Rubery Station by rail.

During both World War I and II, Hollymoor Hospital became a military hospital, caring for wounded solders and, later in World War II, as a specialist military psychiatric hospital. Over 30,000 war wounded soldiers received treatment at the site during the two wars.

During its time as a military psychiatric hospital during World War II, Northfield Military Hospital saw some important studies, which helped shape the future of therapeutic communities as a psychiatric treatment, The First and Second Northfield Experiments.

In 1949 Hollymoor converted back to a psychiatric hospital, and continued to serve South Birmingham until its closure in 1994, when most of its buildings were demolished.

Emma Forsythe from LCSG said: “The Hollymoor centre is celebrating Armed Forces Day in true style and are also holding a history of Hollymoor event along side, as our lovely building was at one time a military hospital.

“If you have any connection with the old hospital or have a military connection or know anyone who does, please point them our direction as we are desperate to contact you! If you have any old pictures/videos or something that you think may be of interest we would also love to hear from you.”

To share your memories, as an ex-staff member, ex-patient, relative or community member, call in to the Hollymoor Centre in Manor Park Grove or contact Emma on 0121 683 7868 or email hollymoorcentreevents@aol.co.uk You can also follow the Hollymoor Centre on Facebook

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Hollymoor 1904 | Image www.miac.org.uk
Hollymoor 1904 | Image www.miac.org.uk



  1. I would love for friends who remember me to get in touch my name is keith and yes I am sane like you and not ashamed for being in holly moor adolescent unit please contact me


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