Neighbourhood Police tasking Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of Every Month at Hawkesley Community Centre, Edgewood Road, Kings Norton. 6.30pm

Fire Officer Sue Brooklin kindly attended the meeting to provde Fire Prevention Advice and answered questions around Fire Safety and other related issues.

Priorities from the last meeting.
Complaints of flytipping and rubbish at the rear of Rainford Way
Confirmation has been received from the neighbourhood District Caretaker (DNC) that the rubbish had been cleared. IN addition a local resident has been advised about the volume of rubbish in their rear garden, and arrangements have been made for a bulk collection.

Kerb broken on Walkers Heath Road
Concerns raised about the break in the kerb on Walkers Heath Road, has been reported to the Highways Dept. Enquiries indicate that this matter is still under review between the relevant agencies (Highways Dept and Amey).

Residents, please feel free to contact Birmingham Highways Department on Tel :
0121-303-6644 to put pressure on the powers that be to expedite this enquiry. The original report was submitted in February 2014

All Out Day Planned for August 2014

Following on from the sucess of the All OUT DAY on 2nd May 2014. An additional day has been scheduled in August. This will result in a large number of additional Officers being involved in high visibility patrols and operations across the 3 Estates in Kings Norton. A number of partner agencies will also be involved i.e Housing Dept, Community Safety Partnership, The Fire Service and Environmental Health Teams. Local residents are invited to take part in a Community Speed Watch Operation in company of local officers on the day.

Body Cameras
Officers from response teams at Bournville Lane Police Station are currently trialling new body cameras which attach to Police Uniform. These will be used when Officers are entering Public Order/Confrontational situations. Where possible Officers will advise the public that they are being recorded. The body cameras will not be used for everyday offences.

Changes to Dangerous Dog Legislation
Changes to the Dangerous Dog Legislation came into effect on 13th May 2014. The main effect will be one offence of a dog being dangerously out of control regardless of whether it is in a public place OR private place. This is being brought in to close the loophole of dogs injuring or killing people in dwellings and no offence being committed.

Section 3 (3) of the Dangerous Dogs act (dog dangerously out of control in a private place where it is not entitled to be) is being repealed leaving the one single offence which will now read –
”Dog Dangerously out of control in any place in England or Wales”

This Offence will still be aggravated if the dog injures a person but it will now also be aggravated if the dog injures an ‘assistance dog’ i.e guide dog ect.

A defence to this offence has also been created for what are being described as ‘Householder’ cases.
If the out of control dog is wholly or partly inside a dwelling AND the I/P has entered or is entering as a trespasser (or the dog ower believes they are a tresspasser) then the owner will have a defence under the new legislation. In short no protection is given to burglars breaking into houses.

The main beneficiaries of the new legislation will be people like postworkers who get bitten by dogs which are in their own gardens or houses.

Lifford Lane Traffic Issues

PS Lowe had a meeting (18th June), with Highways Planning and Waste Disposal Managers. They are still exploring a number of strategies to alleviate the current situation.
The opening times are currently under review, however we need to promote when the usage is under capacity – Tuesday To Thursday before 10am and after 3pm weekdays.
Consideration to a traffic light system and ANPR is also being considered. (This is to ensure that only local residents are using the site).


A reminder that the Queensway Tunnels in Birmingham City Centre will be closed to all motorists between Friday 18th July – Monday 1st September 2014.
There will be two weeks of closures between 10pm and 6am twi weeks prior to the official closures.

Date of the next Tasking Meeting -Thursday 17th July 2014



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