All of our Housing Liaison Board meetings are open to the Public and all are welcome.
They are held on the last Thursday of each month at 6pm, in Melrose Close Common Room, off Foyle Road, Kings Norton.

Our Chair Pam, welcomed all in attendance (19) 5 apologies recd, this was followed by introductions.
4 members of the public were in attendance.
Representatives from West Midlands Police, Wilmott Dixon Contractors were present.
Both Councillor Seabright and Councillor Griffiths from Kings Norton Ward also attended.

Minutes of the previous meeting

We were informed that there had been no response from the contrators Mears, following invitations to attend.
Our chair agreed to email the Manager direct and request a respresentative be sent to our next meeting.
Page 4 – of the City Housing Liaison Board, being a public meeting as stated in the HLB guide. Pam explained that she was not sure of the definition of the CHLB being public.
Cllr Seabright suggested the matter be raised by question at the next Full Council meeting in July. Arron agreed to raise the question at Cabinet.
Arron explained that an email had been sent to Cabinet Member for Social Cohesion and Resident Involvement Managers to clarify certain issues around City HLB.
The meeting noted that our Twitter account had around 1,300 tweets not 13,000.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Mears and Wilmott Dixon

Mears – No representation.
Dean from Wilmott Dixon reported that the re-quote for the hand rail for Shannon Road is with the city, to be agreed.
Lighting upgrade at Campion and Saffron House was discussed.
Bentmead Grove blocks, Cllr Seabright raised repair issues regarding poor wiring in the blocks.
Pam raised issues around the clearing of guttering for all sheltered housing schemes within the ward, for the those that were elderly or vulnerable.
Dean explained that the city has a contract per property for yearly repairs. Clearing of guttering is logged through the call centre and agreed to make enquiries about block cleaning for schemes.
Ann raised an issue about a flat that had previously been missed under the ‘block re wiring scheme’. Dean then went to explain that this is an issue for housing, i.e its a repair policy that needs to be raised.

West Midlands Police, PC Marj Levy updated

At the last HLB meeting it was announced that an all-out day was due to take place on the 2nd May 2014, meeting shop keepers and local residents.
This was carried out and proved successful.
Community Speed Watches took place on Longdales Road, Shannon Road, Green Lane, and Foyle Road.
Because civilians took part and were involved, warning letters were issued, next time, offenders will be issued with tickets.

High Profile Eviction
Pictures of local drug dealers were circulated, 2 further evictions have been successfully granted in conjunction with housing.
Still trying to tackle issues around mini motos and an operation has been set up to try and seize illegal bikes. No details are being released for the operation as it will be covert.
Environmental health officer, KP, has agreed to work with local police to set up a programme to create education regarding litter.
Schools will be visited. This will include several patrols around the issue of dog waste.

Kings Norton Police Tasking Meeting – 3rd Thursday of each Month, Hawkesley Community Centre, next one to take place 6.30pm 19th June

Community Projects & Budget Discussions
Arron and Pam presented quotes regarding the dog, no dumping, no football signs obtained.
Cllr Seabright offered various signs to the group.
We have collected the signs and will identify appropriate roads and locations from our Walkabouts/Estate assessmenents. Members of the public have also approached us giving us further locations to add to the list of suitable sites.
Ron asked Arron to meet with Nadeen to go back through our 2012/2013 projects to see what has been fully completed.
Cornerway Sheltered Housing benches to be re-visited.
Dean from Wilmott Dixon agreed to check the schedule for projects outstanding with WMD.

Estate Walkabout

The group agreed the meet for the next Estate Walkabout – 11th June at 10.30am on the corner of Edgewood Road and Cornerways to assess that part of the estate.


Pam informed us that a important presentation was given around the subject of Loan Sharks, particularly for people that are living in social housing.
The information would have been useful to share via social media, however tweeting was not allowed.
Pam added that there was a contact from Trading Standards call Chris Connor who would be useful to introduce to the wider community.
Representatives from Northfield Ward and Weoley Ward agreed it would be good to arrange a meeting for the District. Venues and a date were discussed – Watch this space !!!.
HLB transformation timetable-
This was discussed and a timeline for final written consultation drafts for HLB Constitution and code of conduct were talked about.
Kitemark process and Birmingham City Council HLB compact will be presented in March 2015, finalised and agreed.
Funding was explored for a wellbeing room at Shannon Road. Pam explained that funding could be explored from Community First.
Meeting closed at 7.40pm.

Next Meeting Thursday 26th June 6.00pm-7.30pm Melrose Sheltered Housing Common Room, Dornie Drive off Foyle Road, Kings Norton.


  1. Thanks for the information on whats happening locally.
    I am wondering if anyone has any idea if there is a plan to improve or demolish the 4 tower blocks on Shannon Road.
    They look neglected in my opinion and cant represent the best housing option for the residents.

  2. Hi Brian thanks for the feedback.
    If you’re referring to the blocks such as Barberry/ Lavender on Shannon Road, they are not being demolished.
    The next HLB meeting which is open to residents (past meetings on here), as observers until they join as members is this Coming Thursday.
    I’ll happily ask the question for you regarding upgrades for these blocks.
    It is a question that has been raised a few times by residents of these blocks at previous HLB meetings and also at Ward Committee Level.


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