A swarm of bees cause concern yesterday (23rd June) when they decided to take a rest on the button of a Rubery pedestrian crossing. 

Reader Vicki Bishop photographed the bees yesterday afternoon. Hundreds of comments were left on our Facebook page by locals, either in awe of the amazing creatures or petrified!

Several people had called Birmingham City Council during the day, concerned that the crossing, close to Morrisons on Bristol Road South, was rendered unusable.

Unfortunately, by the evening, no-one had been out to the bees and they didn’t appear to have any plans to move on! Some readers expressed concern for anyone with impaired eyesight who may try and use the crossing.

B31 Voices informed Cllr Andy Cartwright who made contact with Bournville Beekepers and met them at the site.

Bee experts Ian Baker and Colin Watkins said there were around 2000 bees protecting their Queen and carefully removed them within 10 minutes of arriving on the scene.

The bees have been safely rehomed in a Bournville apiary and the beekeepers will check back to collect any stragglers over the next few days.

Swarming bees are not generally a danger to people and in fact, are a generally chilled and happy bunch!

The British Beekeepers Association  website says: Don’t panic, bees in a swarm are universally in a good mood.

“They cannot easily sting even if antagonised as they have gorged themselves with honey and cannot get their bodies into the best position to sting. If the swarm is not causing a nuisance then leave it, gradually the bees will cluster in a bush or tree and remain there for up to 3 days. During that time scouts will be sent out to look for a new home, the only problem may be they will choose your chimney so put your fire/ heating on low and enjoy their visit.”

If swarms do cause a problem as in this case, you can contact police who should have a list of local beekeepers that can help or find a swarm collector online.

Bee rescuers Ian Baker and Colin Hawkings with Cllr Andy Cartwright and the bees!
Bee rescuers Ian Baker and Colin Hawkings with Cllr Andy Cartwright and the bees!




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