Students and staff celebrate at the ARK Kings Academy Leavers Prom 2014
Students and staff celebrate at the ARK Kings Academy Leavers Prom 2014

Year 11 students from ARK Kings Academy were in fine style on Friday 20th June as they celebrated the end of their school days at their Leavers’ Prom, which was held at the Westmead Hotel near Redditch.

The Leavers’ Prom is especially significant for ARK Kings students as it is the last occasion the year will meet as a group. Come September, students will go to different schools, colleges and workplaces. This makes the leavers’ prom an emotional occasion for both students and staff in attendance.

After dinner, teachers made heartfelt speeches to the class of 2014, encouraging them to have the highest aspirations for themselves and to go out and make a positive contribution to society. Acting Vice Principal Sean McCay said:

“We are very proud of the class of 2014 and the maturity you have shown in preparing for your exams. We are sad to see you go but are confident you will fulfil your potential and do great things in your lives.”

Later on, the focus of the evening turned to dancing as students and staff showed off their best moves over a hits-packed disco soundtrack. The evening ended on a high with students singing along to Take That’s Greatest Day.


Now that the Leavers’ Prom is over, students’ attentions turn to GCSE results day on Thursday 21st August. Students will be hoping to see all their hard work translated into qualifications which they are proud of and prepare them for further education and a career of their choice.


You can read more about the leavers’ prom, including details of who was voted Prom Queen and King, over on the ARK Kings Academy website.

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