20140619-210128-75688689.jpgWest Midlands Police have appealed for information following a robbery at a Frankley newsagent shop early this morning (Tuesday 24th June).

Police were alerted by an alarm at McColl’s newsagents in Arden Road at just after 6am after a masked man entered the shop.

The offender grabbed a female shop assistant by the wrist and demanded money. The woman, in her 50s, suffered bruising and was very shaken but did not suffer any serious injuries.

The man made off with a ‘significant amount’ of cash, and ran out of the shop, turning right toward Costcutter.

Police are currently examining CCTV footage and are keen to hear from anyone around the Arden Road or New Street area of Frankley who may have seen the man before the incident or running away from the scene.

The offender is described as a black male, wearing a ski type mask and a dark parker style coat or jacket with fur trim on the hood.

Anyone with any information is asked to call DS Glen Marriott at Force CID on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


  1. That’s the 3rd 4th time this has happened in two years.why don’t they just bulldoze them shops on Arden rd it’s a ticking timebomb for a mugging or murder.
    37 years I’ve lived on frankley now,and I’ve never ever seen it this bad.the whole area is just a wash with drugs and crime,police cutbacks,council cutbacks,nobody gives a shit around here anymore.whice is a terrible shame for the honest decent folk that live in the area.never seen a school,dentist,church,and nursery with 3 meter green steel fenceing surrounding the buildings.
    Sign of despite times,place looks more like broadmoor.
    Frankley has allways been a forgotten place,whice was once so nice and pleasent when growing up as a kid.
    Sad to see such a once lovely estate turn into a place for crackheads,druggies,and chavs.

  2. @gsmith are you on crack frankley was never nice especially the hollyhill to the bugle end.the banker end got better late 90s to 2009 and still not too bad just an aroma of weed permanently in the air. Agree frankley is a forgotten estate and the police are scared of the place even though the local police sergeant is a local boy

  3. i have lived on frankley 9 yrs now and in that time i have seen it run down tp point i worry when i go to work if my home is ok why im out police seem to do nothing and as for rubish dont get me started and green waste all over our rd and by people that dont live in our rd but in rd round corner dump in our rd sad too see est this way

  4. The police are scared of frankley youth always have been always will be. But generally they don’t rob there own here just fight each other or do drugs.

  5. Surely the councillors should be putting pressure on the police to weed out the drug dealers and troublemakers.


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