West Midlands Police have appealed for information after a teenage couple were victim to a knife point robbery in Senneleys Park, Bartley Green.

The incident happened at around 2.25pm on Bank Holiday Monday (26th May). A teenage boy approached the couple and demanded that the 14 year old girl hand over her new pink iPhone 5C. Her 15 year old boyfriend was then threatened with a knife. The girl, fearing for their safety, handed over the phone to the offender, who then fled in the direction of the Senneleys Park Road entrance.

The offender is described as black, 5ft 8in tall, of medium build, in his teens and he was wearing a black waterproof jacket, black tracksuit bottoms and black Nike trainers.

Anyone with information should call Birmingham South CID by dialling 101. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


  1. Around 2 weeks ago my son had a group of youths (gypsies) try and steal his mobile phone, rifling through his pockets etc. he reported this to a police officer in the park within 5 mins and the gypsy camp was there in the park – a simple resolution? No the police officer told my son he “could not do anything as nothing was taken” and you wander why crime is such an attractive option to these parasites – it is because you wait too long to take action!!!!!!

    • > … group of youths (gypsies)
      > … gypsy camp
      > … these parasites

      You are a foul racist, singling out a whole section of society because of your perceived wrongs of a few individuals.

      To be honest your conclusions do not sound particularly accurate as if what was done is true then the police would have been able to pursue people for assault or something else. If the police are not doing their job then complain to them, don’t just spout hate on the internet.

      Comment on this blog are moderated too, WTF are you doing letting through overt bigotry like this? It makes it look like you condone it!

      • > Comment on this blog are moderated too…

        Um, maybe not, my comment appeared immediately.

        Though to be fair I prefer non-moderated discussions as ultimately it makes the haters more likely to show themselves, and then their ignorance and bigotry can be addressed.

        • It’s loosely moderated – once you’ve had one comment approved any further comments across the site will automatically be published. And in the case of the comment you are referring to, I took the “parasites” label to be aimed at the thieves, not the “gypsies” in particular. We do not condone bigotry and / or racism.Its a difficult balance to find in moderating…! :/

  2. This is our community and we need to work together to get these scumbags lifted. If you have information do the right thing and phone crime stoppers if you want to remain anonymous. I can’t let me kids down the par know cos of this.

  3. I live around here and it has terrified me to go out to the park or my local shops as there has also been 4 muggings at the local shops (illeybrooke square or biggies as some call it) were my neighbours relative, an elederly lady, was mugged for her gold chain necklace :/ Same description too.

  4. My mom was mugged for a gold cross just up the road on woodgate valley weve given names but nothins bin done it is ridiculous now!!!!

  5. You could all get intouch with the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, ask him what he is going to do about the lack of interest shown by the police.
    Bob Jones 0121 626 6060.

  6. I was doing 37 mph in a 30 zone round the corner from there, within a week the police had found where I live and fined me £100, they are not bothered about pinning down the horrible youths who think its their right to take whatever they feel like, it’s all about how much money they can cream off honest joe public, this country is now a joke

  7. Feel silly yet ‘anon’ ?

    It’s people like you who use the term racist far to often. It’s a defence mechanism used by those who have no knowledge or willing to understand a problem or even address it if its assaulting your mother.

    And for those that dare say anything…your shouted down, and called a rcist!?!?!

    You sir/madam are blind to what goes on. It’s not just the Romany, travellers, tinkers what ever you call them. It the very fact a description and location of said offenders was noted and pointed out.

    BECAUSE of people like you, its most certain the officers didn’t/wont approach a traveller camp, for the fear of being labeled RACIST!

    Any group can cause problems. I fear ‘anon’ is hiding some racist thoughts and wishes to be PC to be genuine.

    Anon are you there?

    Don’t spread your vile diatribe on the internet, gleaning to all the others just like you. Go back to eastenders or face book or jogging on a Wednesday evening. whatever makes your miserable life happy.

    Leave the real work of looking after our community to those of us with a spine.

  8. The police are involved .. Quick response team . Fingers crossed . I hope the boy yes boy see’s these post an hand himself in. U will be found. U little lowlife scumbag

  9. The police don’t care. Any job that means they have to do actual policework and they do nothing!! I can guarentee that they know who the youths are too. Same names have been given and it’s the same names who are robbing the valley houses. Police only take action when the evidence is in black and white and obvious. A young single mom chases 3 youths off she caught breaking into her house, she gave names as she recognised 2 of them (thats why they ran) Polices response, can’t do anything as they didn’t break in!!
    So attempted murder shouldn’t hold a charge in principle should it? Cuz the murder wasn’t commited. Surely attempted break in should hold a arrest.

  10. My two boys where also mugged in this park at knife point for a mobile phone i have now 2very upse boys to scared to leave the house !!!


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