Neighbourhood Tasking Meeting Hawkesley Community Centre.
Thursday 15th May 6.30pm
Our neighbourhood policing teams are working hard to ensure that your personal concerns about the area you live in are identified and acted upon quickly, and that you are frequently given positive and useful feedback about the action we have taken.

We would love to hear from you about any issues you think the police should be tackling in your community.
There are lots of ways you can do this, by attending one of the meetings held regularly in your community, by calling or emailing the team or you could simply stop an officer in the street and have a chat.

You could even get involved with Neighbourhood Watch that is currently running all over the Birmingham South. Neighbourhood Watch schemes are used to inspire trust and confidence, prevent crime and fear of crime, encourage community spirit, forge closer links with the police and encourage residents to report suspicious activity or incidents to the police through the appropriate channels.

You can also get involved with your community by joining the Key Individual Network (KIN) which is a localised group of active community members who are keen to improve their neighbourhood. For us at West Midlands Police, these individuals provide us with intelligence (activity relating to crime and disorder) in their neighbourhoods that we can act upon and subsequently make your community a safer place to live, work and visit.
In addition to this, we will inform you of current crime trends, crime reduction campaigns, and up to date information about crime and disorder in your area that you will be required to spread among your community.
To become a member of the KIN in you should contact our Communications and Reassurance Officer, Janine Wright on 0845 113 5000 ext 7822 6028.
Neighborhood Watch Schemes are voluntary and require a limited input from the nominated Committee members who are in contact with the police to provide assistance and information related to crime in your area. Along with advice on how to be vigilant, noticing suspicous behaviour for you to report and create a safer local environment for you and your community.

If you would like to get involved in this proven effective scheme of combating crime please contact our Community Partnerships Officer, Claire Wood on 0845 113 5000 ext 7822 6024.With this two way approach to crime reduction we have found that crime falls as a result of the support from community members who form part of the KIN (Key Individual Network) and Neighborhood Watch, so get involved and improve your community.

Fix my street is also another brilliant way to voice your concerns, anonymously if you wish !. Why not visit the website at , put your postcode in and see what issues have been raised about your street ? .

Priorities of Last meeting 17th April 2014
Environmental Issues around Kings Norton.
Environmental Health Officer Kath Pearson will be attending the meeting. She will be will provide an update on Environmental Issues, and give advice on enforcement and legislation around fly tipping, litter, dogs and noise nuisance.

In addition we will be arranging enforcement and education days on the 3 Estates. The operation will focus on dog fouling and litter around the area. An Environmental Health Officer will be working in partnership with an Officer from the Kings Norton Neighbourhood Team.

Parking Signs in Winnipeg Avenue.
We are currently liaising with the Highways Department to have No Parking Signs replaced. In the meantime Officers have been leaving Official ‘Don’t Plonk It Park It’ Notices on offending vehicles at the location.

Mini Moto Bikes.

Since the last Tasking Meeting Officers from Kings Norton Neighbourhood Team have been proactively targeting mini motor bikes. To date 3 bikes have been seized. We are requesting any information on the ownership/ location of any mini motor bike. All intelligence will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Good News Stories.

On 2nd May there was an All Out Day on the 3 Estates..
Members of the Senior Management team from Bournville Lane, were on a walkabout across the area. Additional Officers in Hi Visibility uniform, on cycle and van patrols, were also brought in. These included, Off Licence and pub visits.
Environmental Health visits to repeat noise nuisance offenders; joint visits with Housing Officers to ASB offenders and Domestic Violence victims.
In addition a clean up of the local area was organised, in partnership with Birmingham City Council. Local residents and members of Kings Norton Housing Liaison Board also took part in a Community Speed Watch Operation, in company of local officers from Kings Norton.
The day was a success and the intention is to repeat this operation across the LPU (Local Police Unit).

Anti Social behaviour Injunctions
A family from Ithon Grove recieved a 2 year Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction and lost their home in Court. This was as a result of partnership between the local Housing Officer Mrs Lisa Hopkins and Officers from Kings Norton Police Team.

Drug Arrests.
A gang of drug dealers have been jailed after two of them posed for photos with bags of cannabis and bundles of cash.
Eugene May-Dyer, Russell Turner, Ian Cunningham and Grant Barnhurst all from Birmingham, were arrested during a series of raids in the Kings Norton area of the city in February last year.
Officers seized almost £1,000 of cannabis, dealer bags and digital scales, plus mobile phones containing a back catalogue of text conversations between the group discussing drugs.
Examination of the phone also revealed an image of 18 year old Turner, showing off handfuls of cash and used notes stuffed into his waistband.

Next Meetings –

Thursday 15th May Hawkesley Community Centre 6.30pm
Thursday 19th June Hawkesley Community Centre 6.30pm


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