Three members of a Kings Norton family have each received 2 year Anti Social Behaviour Injunctions (ASBIs) following what has been described as a 6 year long “relentless anti-social behaviour campaign in the area”.

Eugene Bird (54), Sean Bird (21) and Michael Bird (19) all of Ithon Grove in the Hawkesley area of Kings Norton have also had their Council owned home re-possessed.

West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council Housing officers gathered evidence of anti social behaviour since 2008 including:

  • inflicting damage to property
  • verbally abusing, threatening and intimidating local residents, who were living in constant fear of reprisals from the family
  • theft of lead from properties, burglaries in the local area and criminal damage.

The Injunctions restrict the movements of Eugene Bird, Michael Bird and Sean Bird within the local area. Until their house has been repossessed the three may only enter the Hawkesley Estate via designated routes (Branch Road, Green Lane) to access their Ithon Grove home and to visit a property in Forth Grove.

Once possession of the Ithon Grove house has been given up, they may only enter the Hawkesley estate via the same route to visit the Forth Grove address.

If the trio are found in breach of these conditions, they may be arrested.

Birmingham South Community Safety Partnership will be distributing leaflets and posters in the area, informing residents of the injunctions.

Council housing officers originally worked with the family to offer support, but say that they chose not to engage and modify their behaviour, being verbally abusive to professionals and throwing stones at fire officers attending house fires.

Rob James, Service Director  Housing Transformation said “These injunctions demonstrate support from the Courts in protecting our communities from this sort of behaviour.  Despite previous warnings and attempts to engage with this family the anti-social behaviour and criminal activity continued so we had no alternative but to take legal action.”

Inspector Vanessa Eyles of West Midlands Police said “This is an excellent example of the importance of partnership work.  It highlights to the community that everyone should have the right to enjoy their neighbourhood without fear of harassment and if there is a particular family causing intimidation and disruption we will take action to ensure this is resolved.  These Injunctions send a clear message to offenders that the local community, police and the council will not stand for anti-social behaviour.”

If you suspect offences related to drugs, burglary and robbery where you live, or wish to give information about anti-social behaviour in your area, please call officers on 101 to report. Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity, Crimestoppers, anonymously on 0800 555 111, or Birmingham City Council on 0121 303 1111.

Images West Midlands Police


  1. It just goes to show that the law and the council initiatives do NOT work. 6 years to rid the estate of this kind of scum, after they had been given chance after chance to redeem themselves is disgusting. Why on earth do we pay our council tax and rents if not to safeguard the properties we are living in. I bet house insurance in this area had gone up over these years also.
    You should NOT be frightened of your neighbours!!


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